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RUMOR: HTC Merge/Lexikon to Verizon November 11th?

Just as we found some leaked pictures earlier this week,a very interesting small Friday rumor has just surfaced stating the HTC Merge or Lexicon will have a November 11th release date. This date sounds accurate, but this is just a rumor until we have some hard evidence, so don't mark the date yet.

AppBrain gets update: send links/wallpaper to phone

While I was surfing the internet today, I noticed that AppBrain updated their website along with their Android App. This update allows users send text, URLs, and wallpapers directly to their phone from their own browser of choice. This is a very hand app when you're lazy like myself and don't feel like typing out a long text message on your phone, while you can just type it on my computer keyboard and it copies to the clipboard for you. As for the newest feature, wallpapers, you enter the URL of the image you want or upload it, and it will be sent to your device and set as the background.

Sony Ericsson Live View to cost 69 euros

At the end of September, Sony Ericsson annouced the LiveView which is an iPod nano type display that can be worn as a watch or clipped onto clothes. Sony Ericsson showed off some of the basic features before, such as being able to read text messages, emails, and open some apps, but they didn't announce the launch date or any pricing info.

Motorola Citrus announced by Verizon

Motorola announced today the Citrus along with the Droid Pro for Verizon. This is an entry level phone that will most likely run Android 2.1 OS and Blur Skin. It's not the next high end device that everyone would have liked to see, but it's not necessarily all that bad, either. There's a lot of information still missing though, even if Verizon has officially announced it.

Motorola Droid Pro for Verizon Officially Announced

Verizon just released a photo of their soon to come phone, the Droid Pro. With its candybar style and full qwerty keyboard, this phone is a beauty. It is not what many people expected the phone to be like, but hopefully more information will be released later in the week at CTIA. But, having that 1GHz processor under the hood, and a 3.1-inch capacitive touchscreen display is nothing to scoff at.

Sony Ericsson UK releases Xperia X8 Promo video

Sony Ericsson released this video yesterday about their latest phone, the Xperia X8. The Xperia X8's features are shown off in this video as some cool music is played and the phone moves does a little dancing, but you can watch the video here for yourself

Google CEO Eric Schmidt says Android is profitable

According to Google CEO Eric Schmidt, Android phones generate enough money as it is to cover any costs of creating software for the phones. Android phones get everyone connected to the internet, while these people are using the internet they are viewing ads that are created by Google, thus bringing in revenue for the company. Now that they are activating around 250,000 phones a day and more, they are increasing revenue each day.
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