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Evo 4G guest stars on Fringe!

As if it weren't already evident that Android is slowly taking over the mobile phone industry, Sprint's Evo 4G made a guest appearance on the popular show Fringe. Apparently this smart phone belongs to Peter Bishop, who is a long time iphone user.

Motorola Flipout available today through AT&T

For those of you who have been waiting for the Motorola Flipout to come out on AT&T, your day has come. The phone is now available today like it was said to. The phone will cost $79.99 on a two-year contract, or $349 with no contract commitment.

Cyanogen shows off CyanogenMod on T-Mobile G2

With all of the recent drama about the T-Mobile G2, it doesn't surprise me that this video was released on the internet. For anyone who didn't return their T-Mobile G2 yet and are still using it, Cyanogen has a surprise for you guys. They recently showed off their mod in a youtube video.

BuzzVoice update: App is now Free on Android market

The people over at BuzzVoice have just announced that their application is now free to download on the Android market. With this new update comes the feature of being able to add your own feeds instead of limiting your device to what's only available on their lists. For those who havn't experienced BuzzVoice, it's a RSS reader that reads the news to you. This is very useful when one is walking, driving or just doesn't feel like reading.

Samsung launches the Galaxy K with Android 2.2

While everyone else in the world has been playing around with their Galaxy S on their respective carrier, Samsung's South Korea has gotten its own version of the Galaxy S. The phone is called the Galaxy K, a phone with similar features as its counterpart in the USA.

Update on:Full manhunt in search of man’s stolen Android!

How much trouble would you go through just to get your phone back? Most people would just have their phone cancelled and go buy another or let insurance deal with it, but one man in Palo Alto, California didn't just walk away with a frown upon his face and settle with no phone. He took matters into his own hands.

MY24 for Android helps keep you fit!

The MY24 fitness app was recently released for Android operating phones. 24 Hour Fitness is one of the largest and most respectable health and fitness club chains. This new app only helps add onto their already great reputation by allowing a new way of managing your fitness. This app is available even to those who aren't a member to help everyone achieve their own personal fitness goals.
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