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AT&T Samsung Galaxy S II Unboxing and Hands-on [Video]

In the mail today we've received a lovely surprise, no less than the AT&T version of the Samsung Galaxy S II. What we've got for you below is a full hands-on rundown of the features you'll be working with here on the AT&T iteration of this device specifically along with a brief review of what this device will contain in our full review. Remember that this is not the first time the Galaxy S II has been released here in the states, but it is the closest we've gotten to the original version yet - more on that in the deep! AT&T, are you the best carrier of this device yet?

Motorola ELECTRIFY Review [Video]

Let's go ahead and get hands-on with this above-average super powerful dual-core Android handset that'll make your robots explode with pleasure. This is the Motorola ELECTRIFY and it's being carried here in the USA by none other than U.S. Cellular. This is the first time we've gotten to see such an amazingly powerful device on this carrier, the ELECTRIFY running with the big dogs here with a dual-core NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor as well as what Motorola calls Webtop functionality for a fully immersive multi-purpose Android experience, complete with Motorola's newest user interface to guide you.

Motorola ELECTRIFY lands tonight at midnight on U.S. Cellular

So you're working with the carrier by the name of U.S. Cellular here in the United States, are you? You've been waiting for what seems like forever for a device that's any better than the HTC Merge? Today (or tonight, rather) is your lucky day (and night) because your smartphone companion for your Motorola XOOM is here, and it comes in a dual-core flavoring! It's time for the Motorola Electrify, a device that's basically the newest version of the Motorola Photon 4G and the Motorola ATRIX 4G, aka the first dual-core smartphone to be released in the USA officially. Now we've got the ELECTRIFY coming to U.S. Cellular and it's coming tonight!

Is your Epic 4G Touch getting hot?

The Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch has just been released to the United States market and everyone and their mother appears to have purchase one. With this comes the possibility for every single tiny flaw in the hardware and/or the software to be uncovered - and of course that's what we want to do, and we want to find flaws as soon as possible so that the manufacturers and/or the carriers can alleviate concerns before they become explosive. Today's report comes from the wild streets of XDA where they say they're getting hot, hot, hot. Temperature-wise on their Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch units, that is, and with both temperatures listed and screenshots shot, we've gotta treat this one as a real concern with need for fix for certain!

Spotify Premium Members reach 2 Million Mark

If there was any doubt that Spotify would continue its crushing blow to the top of the streaming music world, today might well be the last time such a doubt was spoken. What we've learned, straight from the source of course, is that the Premium service that's available with Spotify streaming music service has now reached and broken the 2 million person mark. This means that over 2 million people are now paying to have the full Spotify service on their phones and in their homes - is this fantastic for a group that started out only across the pond back in 2009?

Kindle ebooks on loan now at 11,000 libraries

This week the Android-powered Kindle eReader gets a massive bump as Amazon's library ebook lending scheme is initiated at over 11,000 libraries across the United States. Through this program, libraries will be offering ebooks for checkout for periods of time similar to what a normal book checkout would be. This will more than likely also boost physical library attendance as folks with the Kindle hardware will be encouraged to actually visit the locations to pick up the ebooks. This program is also working starting today on Android apps for devices of all types.

TankBot Android-controlled micro-vehicle revealed [Video]

While the most recent Android smartphone-controlled device that's anywhere near a car has been the Sphero, a device much more along the lines of an RC-object, the fine folks at Desk Pets have taken an alternate approach: make the tiniest tank in the world, make it in several colors, make it smartphone controllable, and price it cheap! That's what we like to hear for the next generation of new smartphone adopters, those thinking they need a high-priced smartphone to run anything awesome. I say thee nay! The future is here! Tiny little RC cars that are inexpensive and can be run with any Android you've got!

Sphero Android-Controlled Robotic Balls Hands-on with CEO Paul Berberian [Video]

It's time for some robots, ladies and gentlemen, of the spherical kind - this is Sphero, made by Orbotix, and we've got a first-hand look at how far this awesome project is along and how close it is to production courtesy of Paul Berberian. Now for those of you that don't recognize that epic name, Berberian is the CEO of the group, Orbotix, who manufacture the Sphero ball. Just this past week we were in NYC for the 2011 Pepcom Holiday Spectacular and Orbotix were up and running with Spheros galore - so close to the sales floor we can taste it!

AT&T ACER Iconia Tab A501 4G Review [Video]

If it was good the first time, it's certainly good the second time, thus says Acer with their Iconia Tab A501, a device which is, in almost every way imaginable, exactly the same as the original Iconia Tab A500 we reviewed back on April 20, 2011. Therefor what we've got here is a bit of an upgrade to the original review, a bit of re-upping the details, and a few benchmarks to keep your mouth wetted for the big dinner.

Verizon HTC Rhyme Hands-On [Video]

What we've got here is a rather feminine device created by HTC to appeal to those who love to be fashion forward and have a bit of a unique coolness to their smartphone. Much in the same way the bright red version of the HTC Inspire 4G, the HTC Rhyme (here in its Verizon iteration) aims to spice up more than just the specifications inside the phone - the exterior aesthetic here is enhanced, made to work with the way the user and the device interact visually. And it finally, finally brings the "charm" to the USA with a little light-up square that lets you know you've got a notification. Japan Kawaii, here we come!