AT&T takes a shot at T-Mobile in latest ad campaign

March 1, 2013

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Some new ad campaign material has surfaced showing the folks from AT&T throwing a few hard left hooks and punches to T-Mobile. It wasn't very long ago that these two nationwide carriers were being all friendly, as they tried to get a deal done and merge. Sadly now that the merger won't ever be happening AT&T is looking for a fight and has something to prove.

We know all the carriers do it. Verizon's can you hear me now campaign ran forever and people still say that to this day. However, this seems like a direct punch and pretty low blow aimed right at T-Mobile. AT&T put up some money and took out more than just an ad, but actual full-page ads in NYT, Wall Street Journal, USA Today and more showing us "the truth about T-Mobile's network."

The image above is the suggested material, then a picture of the ad itself right out of a local newspaper. AT&T goes for the throat and clearly mentions all the dropped calls and slow speeds. Claiming T-Mobile has twice the number of dropped calls, and twice the number of outright failed calls too. I'm not sure about you guys but I don't remember the last time my T-Mobile smartphone actually just didn't work at all and completely failed. That doesn't seem to be an issue here in Vegas.

Then AT&T goes after their HSPA+ data speeds. We all know AT&T is slowly but surely increasing their 4G LTE rollout, and T-Mobile hasn't even launched theirs yet. However it is still quite fast in many regions. AT&T doesn't care because they claim to be over 50% faster than little ol T-Mobile. We wouldn't expect anything less from US carriers these days, it's just a bit funny to see such direct calling out after being best of friends not but a few months ago. We're not here to call names, but what carrier do you have and how does it work for you?

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  • Chrisk1808

    I’ve been on T-mobile for years and I’ve never had a drop call. I don’t think I’ve had failed calls either. And I’m sure that At&t is comparing their limited LTE network to T-mo’s massive HSPA+ network. But my download speeds are faster than a lot of carriers with 4g. It’s fast enough for me to never be waiting for a page to load or an app to download. Plus, my bill is a lot less and I don’t have a contract.


    I live in the midwest and have used both. They are essentially the same in performance in my experience, on the issues being called out. As well, T mobile is a much better price, and the customer service has been decent, well for a phone company anyway.
    I Applaud T-Mobile for not gouging it’s customers, ATT? We have all read and heard
    the nastiness. I dont hate ATT, but I am MUCH HAPPIER w/ Tmobile.

  • Me

    I use t-mobile, I switched from AT&T because they cost more and frankly their customer service sucks! Both cost too much but I have no problems with t-mobile.

    • sunckell

      I just switched as well, but from Verizon. I’m in MD, service is great. Call clarity is 100% better than Verizon (where I use it). No dropped calls, no failed calls, I have a Nexus 4 (upgraded from a HTC Droid Incredible) so the LTE speeds I can’t comment on, but the HSPA+ speed is great. Others at work with their AT&T connection complains constantly.

  • Sad in Hawaii

    Wow I wish I had not problems with T-Mobile. Not sure if it’s because I’m here in Hawaii, but my connection issues are so bad that I’ve gone down from using 3 gigs of data when I was with AT&T to just around 500 MB per billing cycle with T-Mobile. There are times I can’t even send out a text message. Lucky for me I don’t do much calling, but I’m sure if I did I’d have a lot of issues with dropped calls.

  • Richard Yarrell

    This folks over at At@t must be on some real serious drugs I wonder what are they taking. Everyone already knows especially iphones users that At@t is the DROPPED CALL CAPITAL OF THE WORLD. Plus when you throw in crappy data plans and the 2nd WORST carrier in abilities to update handsets properly then YES at@t is beyond pitiful. Matter of fact they think they are Verizon they have a major inferiority complex. I dumped Ass t@t and Verizon for T-mobile and haven’t looked back at all. Piss on At@t and Verizon

  • Reminds me to Apple’s fight with Samsung, you’re lying your customers and scaring away potential customers, bad marketing move…

  • I don’t understand how T-Mobile & sprint claim cheaper bills, when my sprint bill is over $100 & T-Mobile is about the same with 80 + tax. You get unlimited data though, but I’ve only experienced mostly 4 to 6 MBS up & 2 to 5 MBS down, but sometimes you get 35 MBS down & 30 up, I’m in NYC where it’s not officially built out yet so maybe speeds will be more stable when it’s official. Backhsul could be running at limited speeds since in Manhattan I get 15 down most of the time with 20 up.