AT&T Samsung Galaxy S III sign up page goes live

June 4, 2012

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The Samsung Galaxy S III has been the talk of the town for the past few weeks since initially launching last week in the UK and Europe. This week however, it is all about the US and Samsung apparently is hitting it hard this time around. After we mentioned a few already this morning, AT&T has also started up their landing page for the Galaxy S III.

Samsung has already confirmed the Galaxy S III will be available on five major US carriers starting in June, AT&T hasn't announced a date but you can now sign up for additional details. T-Mobile will start shipping the Galaxy S III on June 21st, and Verizon is accepting pre-orders starting Wednesday, June 6th so AT&T better hurry and announce something.

While AT&T works out their details and launch date you can sign up to receive an email once the news is available, or just stay tuned here at Android Community or follow us on Twitter at @Androids. Just like the others announced today, AT&T's Galaxy S III will feature a 1.5 GHz dual-core processor that is 4G LTE capable instead of Samsung's quad-core. It will still have that beautiful 720p HD 4.8-inch screen, Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, and just like the other US models be equipped with 2GB of RAM and come in 16 or 32GB versions.

Stay tuned for more details from AT&T and their Galaxy S III.

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  • johnsmores

    A sign up page only and no preorders? Usual AT&T. I’m sure this will hit ma bell in August 2012 after everyone else gets it including U.S. Cellular. Way to go A-T-T.

  • Brandi

    Only a 16 gb version?? Only a 1.5 dual core processor?? pffft….I’ll be keeping my Galaxy Note….why should I go DOWN in screen size when everything else is the same or only marginal differences? I also don’t wanna lose my S Pen (stores in phone.) I’m petty disappointed in the S3 specs to be honest!!