VoLTE is coming, and AT&T is bringing it to you. The Galaxy S4 mini will be available with “HD Voice” form big blue starting May 23. Starting from $49.99 with a two-year contract, the little device promises to jumpstart a big revolution in how we consume with our carrier plans.

The older device is the first on AT&T to use VoLTE, and offers up a fairly low-cost way to enjoy the latest technology. If you’re not familiar with VoLTE, the aim is to provide a truer experience when making a voice call. Using LTE data, AT&T aims to reduce background noise and offer up the best call clarity possible.

AT&T hasn’t said if current plans will simply use voice minutes over LTE, or if users will need to use plan data to make calls. For those on capped data plans, it could eat up their included data much quicker than before. The rollout is happening in select markets, with Minneapolis and Chicago being the first to experience the latest in call technology.

The GS4 with HD Voice can also be had for $14.24 on AT&T’s Next 18, or $18.50 on Next 12 if you don’t want to sign an agreement. Both of those offer the device up for zero down, making it an even better offer for anyone interested.

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