AT&T Moto X Android 4.4.2 update notes appear sans actual update

March 18, 2014

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Better late than never strikes again. Almost a month after its rivals rolled out Android 4.4.2 for Motorola's high-end flagship, AT&T is finally following suit. Although the actual official firmware hasn't been sighted yet, the appearance of the release notes for the update inspires confidence that it will come anytime soon.

It was somewhat presumed that Motorola's affinity to Google would mean the Moto X would get updates sooner than others, though that reasoning is now moot since Lenovo purchased the smartphone maker. The Moto X did get its Android 4.4 update in due time, along with other devices from other brands. Some US carriers, like T-Mobile and US Cellular, have already put out their updates for the device last month, but AT&T seemed to be dragging its feet. The long wait is over, however, and AT&T's Moto X users will soon be enjoying KitKat as well.

The release notes are quite sparse, considering this is a rather major update. Still, many of those keeping tabs in the Android world will be familiar with the changes in this new version. Specifically mentioned by AT&T is the new cloud printing support that arrived via Android 4.4. Also included are various bug fixes, such as those affecting battery life and email syncing with Microsoft Exchange. AT&T also notes that it has fixed data connectivity problems with its international roaming service.

AT&T proceeds to give the usual instructions and precautions when upgrading, though it doesn't mention how big the download will be. Nevertheless, a full, or at least half, battery charge is recommended, as well as a stable WiFi connection. Those who do not yet receive the update notification can manually check and trigger the update once it becomes available, which, hopefully, should just be a matter of hours, if not a day or two.


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  • Ben

    My AT&T Moto X got the 4.4 OTA a few months ago ( sometimes in December ), only 4.4.2 tend to take longer than other providers

  • Luis

    how about Galaxy Note 3???

  • Kevin Orndoff

    Its now march 23 2014 and my dam at&t moto x still has not received the dam 4.4.2 update. No notification or even checking manually. WHAT THE FUCK GIVE THE DAM UPDATE AT&T. UR SERVICE IS SO BAD I THINK IM GOING TO QUIT UR CRAPPY SERVICE.