AT&T LG Phoenix Gingerbread update now available

February 9, 2012

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LG Phoenix owners over on AT&T will be happy to know they can finally upgrade their devices from Android 2.2 (Froyo) to 2.3 (Gingerbread). The update is available now, but isn't going to be pushed over the air. You'll need to navigate here to install the LG United Mobile Driver to a Windows PC to go through with it.

It isn't available on Mac OS X yet, so you might have to bug your neighbor to borrow his Windows tower for a second. There are a few preparations you should go through prior to upgrading to Gingerbread. First, you'll want to make sure your battery is fully charged up. Personally, I always have my device plugged into the outlet during software updates. Next, backup your data!

Contacts will likely be backed up to your Google account, but make sure they aren't saved to the phone just in case. Once your done dragging all the files you want to keep to your PC, take your phone out of "Mass storage only" mode. Navigate through Application > Settings > SD card & phone storage to do this. Don't disconnect the USB cable once the update starts! That's all, easy enough right? Let us know if you run into any problems! We'll give you some pointers if so.

[Update Link]

[via @LGUSAMobile]

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  • Anonymous

    Are you kidding LG & AT&T? What the frick is going on with the LG Thrill 4g & Gingerbread did you just give up & forget about those customers?

    • Jeremy Forbes

      Ye, what in frick’s name is going on?


  • Cameorntylek

    Got stuck at the 4% of update…it’s been 40 minutes. Any thoughts?

    • Paparican94

      Same here, did yours change?

  • asinine

    2.3 is nice and all but where I already found some bugs in it… fb app isn’t working, messaging widget isn’t working, it occasionally adds an extra letter before words. is this happening to anybody else and where can I report bugs

  • Giana Torres

    why isnt temple run working on my phone it wont download

  • Eva Alvarez01

    My phone isn’t showing the update and is in fact not working at all. It shows a blank black screen where pop-ups saying “Sorry! this application Settings (process has stopped unexpectedly. Please Try Again.” 

    What did I do wrong?
    also, after uploading it was on an emergency page so I did a factory reset.

  • mghan

    stuck at for -percent