AT&T GALAXY S 4 software update begins rolling out

May 7, 2013

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T-Mobile announced an update for the GALAXY S 4 earlier this morning and while we have yet to hear direct from AT&T, it looks like they also have an update on the way. Given AT&T has yet to offer an announcement, we have yet to see the changelog for the update. We do know the update is arriving as build number I337UCUAMDL.

Aside from the build number, we also know the update measures in at just a bit over 20MB in size. Coincidentally, that is about the same size as the T-Mobile update, which was arriving at just a little bit under 20MB in size. Needless to say, that doesn't mean the two update are addressing the same issues.

Given the size of the update, this one likely contains nothing more than a few performance related improvements or maybe some bug fixes. Anyway, if you are sporting an AT&T GALAXY S 4 and have yet to receive an update notification, you may want to do a quick check and see if you can get it now.

For that, grab your handset and dive into those settings, check for the update and then follow the prompts for installation. Otherwise, we are going to play around and see if we can find anything that has been changed. After all, there have been some issues with our AT&T branded GALAXY S 4, though it seems a bit quick for Samsung to have addressed the tethering issue we mentioned yesterday.

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  • Alex Roman

    Update is available on AT&T.

    • Phone_Junkie

      I received the update from AT&T around 4:00 PM CDT today. It checks out with I337UCUAMDL. The only thing I am noticing so far is very much improved battery life.

      • thanh

        how about the HRD video record and the move app to sd card ?

  • meknic

    I noticed that the gallery app change the way the pictures are displayed