AT&T has become the latest US carrier to begin rolling Android 4.3 out to Galaxy S 4 users. This update has arrived for Verizon Wireless users and more recently, for those sporting a US Cellular branded Galaxy S 4. As of today, AT&T users will be able to grab the update, and as a forewarning, this is a rather large update.

The update measures in at just shy of 720MB in size. Basically, this is one that you will want to download on a WiFi connection, both for speed, but also just to save some data usage. Perhaps key here, this will have your handset going to Android 4.3 and with a build number is JSS15J.1337UCUEMJ9.

Goodies associated with the update include support for the Galaxy Gear smartwatch and also Samsung KNOX. These basically mean the user can now go out an spend $299 to purchase the smartwatch, or take advantage of the security features that come along with KNOX. For those unfamiliar with the latter, KNOX is basically a setup that may appeal to the ‘bring your own device” crowd as it offers a secure section that separates work and personal.

With that in mind, those carrying an AT&T branded Galaxy S 4 now have two options. The first is to sit back and wait for the update notification to arrive. Those going this route will need only to follow the prompts and enjoy the new features once the update has been installed and the phone finishes rebooting. The second alternative is to go looking and for that you will need to head into the settings and check manually at -> Settings -> More -> About device -> Software update -> Check now.

VIA: xda-developers

  • South Fulton Guy

    I am looking forward to 4.4 for the S4 as 4.3 broke Waze audio navigation when I installed it last week on Samsung galaxy s4. (The beginning of verbal instructions are cut off. Now instead of “take a left at main street” it now says “main street”.) WAZE now ironically purchased by Google says “So for now the only way is to wait for the release of OS 4.4 which will fix this issue.” I wonder if they know their OS release broke one of their newly acquired products…

    • Collin Corcoran

      i would blame samsung or your carrier as they modify the OS before it gets to you.

  • AndroidShiz

    This incremental update stinks. Should have just went straight to KitKat.