Hooray! There’s an Android update for the Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket! Finally users can get start enjoying Android…. 2.3.6. Yup, despite the fact that Samsung’s working on an Ice Cream Sandwich update for the LTE phone, AT&T has pushed out a slight Android update for Gingerbread. This is a repair release – the previous update to 2.3.6 was broken, and wouldn’t update the phone properly.

AT&T hasn’t provided a changelog, but the update is probably just some bugfixes and stability improvements. I pulled down the update on our Skyrocket review unit and couldn’t see any serious changes. It’s a quick update that shouldn’t take more than ten minutes even on a 3G connection. There’s no reason not to upgrade for stock users, but those who have rooted their phones might want to just wait until the official Ice Cream Sandwich update.

Of course, those who are rooted are probably either running a custom ROM or already running the leaked Ice Cream Sandwich update. If that’s the case, there’s not a lot here for you. But those who intend to update just as soon as it’s available (whenever that might be) should check their settings menu – the Ice Cream Sandwich update probably won’t be going out for anything but the latest version of the Skyrocket stock ROM. Of course you’ll probably have the option of flashing a clean ROM at that point. It’s up to you.

[Thanks, Steven!]

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  • Isaac

    My phone icon changed….
    Still no Ice cream sandwich thou, what did this recent update do to our skyrocket?

    • Isaac

      It changed my wallpaper settings….
      I can’t make the wallpaper scroll anymore with my icons….

      • ct02

        Changed the lock screen too. A new icon appears when you unlock the phone, or have a msg to open.
        kinda mad about the no wallpaper scroll, but if it saves battery at all it’s totally worth it.

      • Simpleminded070

        apply the wallpaper through zedge, it will force scrolling.

      • Sal Bukshan

         not working

      • Blademan

        Strange… scrolling works for me.

      • Elliemay28

        Mine too. And my update got stuck on the Rethink Possible Screen until i took my memory card out.  Seems like the buttons are much more sensitive too, because my custom phone CASE keeps pressing them.

      • Isaac

        I love the new unlock screen….
        However, I hate the fact that I can’t wallpaper scroll… I would show that off to my iphone buddies. Meanwhile, I have noticed a change in speed at the home screen (that might just be me.)

      • smudgyboar

        Leaked ics also did that. Look forward to that being in default. There is a work around around. Download zedge and apply the wallpaper in that app and it will force scrolling wallpaper

      • Isaac

        It is not forcing my wallpaper to scroll thru zedge… 🙁

  • Berget

    Trolled up the yin-yang.  Got insanely excited on the bus home from work, started the update.  Arrived home to notice nothing exciting.  The fuck?  Oh wait.. 2.3.6.

    • Rob

      Me too man. I Even tipped engadget that it was rolling out. But then i looked and it said 2.3.6 lawlawlawlawl

  • skyrocket

    After update my phone started making more apparent hissing noise. did anyone else notice that?

  • Machomilk

    Wtf. No update on mine?

  • Miguel Meza

    no update received..!!” 🙁

  • smudgyboar

    Did they take it down again?

    • Isaac

      Hopefully it wasn’t a buggy downdate instead of an update….

  • I dont like the update. For one this update broke live wallpaper and for another now the samsung Kies wont recongnize my skyrocket for updates. On the other hand battery life is a little better but thats it. Slight addon, Kies will see my phone and let me back it up and everything but it wont let me update the software via Kies.

  • petrochemicals

    Looks like this update was pulled. What is this, three times now that 2.3.6 has been pulled for the Skyrocket?

  • frustrated user

    i dont want the update.. the wifi doesnt work in this update… i want to revert back to 2.3.4.. can someone tell me how to do it./.

  • Photoman

    HELP!!! HELP!!! HELP!!! I started the update, and
    postponed it. How do I stop it from installing?? Can I delete the file?
    {What is the file name/ where is it stored} I’ve reached my maximum
    amount of times I can postpone the update – the phone says it will
    commence next time. ARRRRRGGG

  • Nico

    Update sucks! They took some features away for example: now you can’t have your home page picture move when you mice from slide to slide, they took away about half of the live wallpapers, and they made the “phone” icon criss-crossed, and a few other things I don’t care to mention

  • Guest

    I don’t like the update at all. I want to downgrade. 

    • Isaac

      I liked my phone more; before the update.

  • Randall Moon

    Just got the update today over the air, Android 2.3.6, Baseband i727UCLA3, Kernel, Build gingerbread.UCLA3
    No major changes noted yet.  Phone does seem a tad quicker.

  • One of Skyrocket Owner

    Dont update your phone to the version to 2.3.6, it sucks,

    Wallpaper and lock screen scroll features are removered, now it has standalone feature, I check with Samsung they said, the feature has been removed it wont be availbale, i check them that in samsung google nexus have this featureb but they didnt answer the question.

    Also i have, weather this feature is with Samsung / Andrio, they said its Samsung feature. i am totally disagree with their statements. Also i belive they may remove some other feature.

    ***April 15, someone post a issue on wallpapre in AT&T, now that message has been removed.

    Believe due to this the update skyrocket and other mobiles with 2.3.6 has same feature with defects.

  • Ganelon

    I just installed the update. I still have wallpaper scrolling, but I use go launcher ex. I notice the new screen unlock… similar to Honeycomb… I like it. It also shows pending sms as a clickable instead of a swipe. Clicking it takes me into the message. I like that. Looks the same otherwise.

  • Toby Mustard

    Some of my built in Wallpapers (the onest that came with the phone) have disappeared any one have this problem or know how to fix it? And how do i get back my wallpaper scrolling because it disappeared?

    • One of Skyrocket Owner

      Sorry to say, you cant able to get all those stuff. go through the “One of Skyrocket” comments.

    • Hiram Pesante

      I have the same problem. The original wallpaper is gone and now I can not adjust the images in landscape.

  • I can’t update my Skyrocket even a month later, this is the worst support for an update I’ve seen in a long time. Not to mention this completely moron devised idea that you should only be able to check for updates once every 24 hours, my phone fails to update an then says I have to wait a full day? Useless.

    • Guest

      They did it for dopes like you who try to update every 5 minutes.. Don’t you think checking once a day is sufficient?  Just imagine millions of hits on their update servers.. you think the update was bad, how about NO updates if it were to crash!

    • TheIcemanCometh

      You can check for updates as often as you like.  Go to Settings, Applications, click the All tab, scroll down to the Device Management app, open it, and click the Clear Data button.  This resets the timer.

  • Funny cry babies

    A bunch of complainers here. Why don’t you all just root your phone and stop crying about updates.

    • Daniel

      How do you root it on 2.3.6?

  • Tv2001

    Just update my phone and everything works fine. Don’t care about the minor issues it may have changed. ICS will be coming soon anyway.

  • Mmgillbard

    just downloaded the latest android update now cant charge samsung galaxys2 while it is still on  anyone got any ideas???? 

  • Joel Plancarte

    Updated phone to new software but have multiple bug issues. Such as wallpaper problems touch keys malfunctioning and wont display if my phone is charging or not

  • annoyed

    Just had my skyrocket in for service because the lights for the menu tasks at bottom would not always light. 2 hours later when given a new phone with the same problem it was mentioned that there was a glitch with the update. Stuck with the glitch until some genius can figure out how to test updates before releasing them. Anyone else having this problem?

  • Christie


  • Mr313

    Dont like the fact that my wallpaper wont scroll anymore. Whats the point of getting an update if features are going to be removed instead of improved. Dissappointed.

    • Nicole_LaSha

      Ugh i feel the same way. That was my favorite part of the phone

  • HM

    F** this…I upgraded to a ATT GS2 Skyrocket from my old HTC HD2 that was rooted with a custom Gingerbread ROM. I went through Samsung Kies laborious process of updating to ICS and what I get is: no scrolling wallpaper, pictures and videos that become corrupted whenever I copy them to my computer, voice recognition that is slower than Gingerbread. I swear, smartphones are shoved down our throats by marketing…I’m getting a regular phone next time.

  • Elena G

    i used to love my skyrocket before the update it had long lasting battery even with my daughter using netflix, wouldn’t freeze and would be fast. Now it is slow freezes too much and drains out the battery life. really regretting the update.