Bill pay can be a hassle, especially when you're downloading apps and the charges can get a bit unorganized on your statement. This is now resolved for AT&T customers who now have the option to easily charge their Android Market purchases to their monthly bills with the new AT&T Direct Carrier Billing application for Android.

Google has been hard at work to bring this feature to AT&T and T-Mobile customers and plans on releasing similar applications for other carriers in the near future.

This brings users a single and convenient way to purchase Android applications. Google thinks this is a great way to get more sales as the simplicity of a payment to a phone bill beats a single credit card charge for each application.

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    AT&T service rep told me today that this is no longer true. AT&T stopped direct carrier billing when Android Market became Google Play. That’s why she said we can no longer buy apps unless we want to use a credit card. One more reason I should leave.