HTC had hopes of getting the One updated to Kit Kat within 90 days time. This was referring to the carrier branded models in the US and Canada, but as we learned back towards the end of January — HTC wasn’t going to reach the self-imposed goal. At the time there was talk of a delay of one to two weeks and while the discussion had gone quiet, some updated details have recently been shared.

What we are seeing comes by way of Jason Mackenzie, President at HTC America. Or more specifically, by way of his @JasonMacHTC Twitter account. This time around he was answering user questions regarding the update for T-Mobile and AT&T users. It seems the T-Mobile users will be getting the update ahead of AT&T users, but not by much.

Mackenzie said the update would be coming “this week” for T-Mobile users, and “likely last week of Feb” for AT&T users. Simply put, if you are carrying either model of the One — you may want to start keeping an eye out for an update notification. There is also the option to dive into the settings and check manually, however the simpler option is to wait and then follow the prompts.

To clarify, the update will be arriving as Android 4.4.2. Otherwise, while the information coming direct from Jason Mackenzie (on Twitter) seems to be a bit more up to date, we do also suggest keeping an eye on the HTC Software Updates page which details the entire process. With that in mind, that page still reflects the AT&T and T-Mobile updates as being in the certification stage.

VIA: HTC Source

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  • Pete

    If this update doesn’t fix the purple and pink haze on the camera, I’m done with HTC and getting an iPhone or Windows Phone. I got the HTC one b/c they said the camera was great. This camera never worked right the day I got it. THIS BETTER BE FIXED OR YOU JUST LOST A CUSTOMER. GET WITH IT HTC!

    Not a happy HTC user! I’m starting to think that H T C stands for HIGH TECH CRAP! FIX THE DAM CAMERA……..!

    • this guy

      you mad….. or nah?

    • Guest

      The purple camera issue is hardware from what I understand, and HTC will make it right through warranty. Getting in contact with them to see what they can do for you may be the best option, as you may be able to get it fixed or get a replacement.