Until today we have not heard anything regarding keyboard dock problems and issues on the ASUS EeePad Transformer Tablet. It seems that certain models are in fact experiences some problems and docking has been difficult for some users. Our hands-on had no issues. According to the ASUS UK Facebook page they are rolling out the fix now.

The official statement from the Facebook page just mentions that this issue has been fixed and a small update should take care of everything, we are not sure if this is for the UK only or if it possibly is affecting other models as well. We haven’t heard any more on updates for other regions either. Here’s the statement from Asus:

ASUS United Kingdom
Eee Pad Transformer firmware update released – keyboard dock issues fixed. Don’t forget once you have updated the firmware on the Pad and rebooted, you must then also click on the firmware update icon for the keyboard dock (it will appear as a triangle in the bottom right of the screen). We completed the process on our test unit here with no problems.

Like mentioned, this was only in the UK and so far there has been no reports of U.S. users or other regions as of this moment. If anyone in other area’s do get the update feel free to TIP US as that would be great. Many Facebook users are reporting all issues have been fixed and even ASUS responded with more detail regarding the issue.

Not all units affected. Some had connection problems (so the keys trackpad weren’t responding) and some weren’t allowing charge. The engineers are confident that the frmware update should resolve the glitches.

Now all we need is the Transformer to get that Android 3.1 update to start rolling out and everyone will be plenty happy, those that are fortunate to have found it in stock and have one already.

[via ASUS UK Facebook]

  • What is the deal with the poor grammar on this web site.  Did the writers go to school in Florida or something?


    got one?

    •  Thanks for pointing out the title mistake. occasionally these things happen

    •  Thanks for pointing out the title mistake. occasionally these things happen

  •  Usually it’s a good idea to look over your work after finishing to make sure there aren’t any mistakes, just a suggestion…

  • Mikewong27

    Most people in the U.S. already the firmware update last week.

  • Mikewong27

    Sorry, I meant to say is that most people in U.S. already received the firmware update and dock firmware update last week.

    • @0c2910f5387d046b0a4fdbc303d7f193:disqus  Thanks for the update.

    • @0c2910f5387d046b0a4fdbc303d7f193:disqus  Thanks for the update.

  • Rmalefic

    Im having issues with the norwegian modell (keyboard)

  • UESNYC B. Polito

    is the dock update available online? I can’t find it at asus website. I updated without the dock attached and never got a second update.

  • claudia

    I have an issue with my keyboard. it doesn’t work when removed and attached back to the screen. Even when I close it and reopen the tablet I have to play with the screen placement for the keyboard to work.