After all the hype and excitement around the Transformer Prime its a little depressing to see all these different issues starting to appear. After we received our first hands-on with the Tegra 3 powered device it has seen issues regarding WiFi, GPS, and Bluetooth connections -- not to mention being out of stock almost everywhere and impossible to buy. The update to Android 4.0 ICS has gone relatively smooth other than a few issues, and now they've announced a newer and better Transformer Prime 700 series.

We received some hands-on time with the new Transformer 700 series (TF700) at CES and it was extremely impressive -- that video is available in the timeline below. Now, according to AsusUK we have updates regarding both. The original Prime will receive a warranty update from 12 to 18 months for current owners, and if you aren't happy with the GPS performance they'll allow you to return it for a full refund. Personally the GPS shouldn't be a huge concern on a WiFi only device, but I understand why some users are upset.

They also mention the new and improved Transformer Prime 700 series that some are calling the Prime HD. It is almost exactly the same only it has a 1920x1200 resolution and looks amazing. It also features a redesigned rear that improves all the WiFi and GPS issues from the original and will cost a few dollars more ($100 to be exact). While we received hands-on with the new model the only details from ASUS were that it was "coming soon" and possibly Q2. AsusUK has confirmed that the new Prime 700 series should be available around June, but that was all they had to say.

The release date and warranty details can and probably will be different for buyers here in the US, but most likely we wont be seeing the new Prime 700 series for at least a few more months but I'm hopeful for something much sooner than June.

[via Pocket Droid]

  • Level380

    Oh that’s a failure…. Jack up the price by $100 to cover the cost of fixing the faults in the old one.. Not nice Asus!

    • well its higher cuz the screen is awesome.. 1920 x 1200, better front camera too. but yea

      • Drewj7777

        thats crap! we shouldnt have to pay more for a device that works. i got my prime from gamestop 2 days before christmas and took it back less then 2 weeks later. the gps didnt work, bluetooth wouldnt transfer data or pair even with most devices and it froze all the freakin time! im really dissapointed with asus *shakes head sadly*

      • Steven

        You ignored Cory Gunther’s points entirely and you’re forgetting one very important fact: You don’t have to pay anything for this device. You don’t have to buy it at all.

      • Raf

        …and that and negative feedback is exactly the best you can do against such bad business behaviour.

  • Ron Clark

    I am so fed up with Asustek, that I canceled my orders and will only consider buying after the Company gives us a full accounting about what is really going on with both the first and second device. There has been to many unfulfilled promises and fits and starts. Now we start all over with a new delivery date and more promises. 

  • jadefalcon

    MHO they aren’t going to ship anymore of the orginal Prime.  That’s why they are so scares.   They’ll wait for the 700 series to come out. I’ll admit this whole episode is really disappointing.  The latest Ipad is due in March and sadly I’m going to have to take a hard look at that. 

  • Anonymous

    Got the Prime on Dec, but return it back this week for faulty Wifi connection and freeze up, even ICS couldn’t hold me back. So promising, but fall short. With all these great specs this tablet listed, only if they can just perfect the normal function like wifi and GPS. A little more QC would shot this one to the top and made my 30 days return expired and this article wouldn’t exist.

  • Jerry Harris

    I had a Prime on order (my wife was getting it for me for my birthday), but I canceled the order upon reading about the wi-fi and GPS problems. I have some plans for using it in the field (geology), so the GPS is a necessity for me, and the thing is basically useless without a decent wi-fi connection, so… I sure hope the US version of the TF700 hits the market well before the June date rumored for the UK…!!!

  • Raf

    They should make much bigger steps and not bring out a new one for every slightest change.I for instance would buy one with: 1920×1200 Full HD, LTE, USB 3.0 (because of speed & power saving!), maybe also Thunder Bolt (even much faster…formerly known as Light Peak), Stereo Sound!!!, Gorilla Glass 2 (even stronger).
    …and of course also a more powerful quad core CPU!(ASUS, make it possible together with LTE…you have got to make up for a lot of trouble now. You really managed to annoy customers to infinity oo in a historical way)!
    Best wishes,Raf