ASUS Transformer update rolling out now, Netflix included

November 4, 2011

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All of you lucky ASUS Eee Pad Transformer owners should be happy to know an OTA update is hitting devices today. No, this is not Ice Cream Sandwich sadly but there are a few changes and improvements and so far we are hearing good things. The Transformer was updated to Android 3.2.1 Honeycomb late September, the latest version of Honeycomb and today that hasn't changed but we do have build version in a small incremental update.

So far ASUS has been mighty impressive with the amount of updates, and the speed at which they've brought them. According to sources the new update brings a slew of performance enhancements, bug fixes, and apparently a new app backup implementation. Apparently non ASUS apps can be backed up and restores to another ASUS tablet so users wont lose that all important game data and progress on Angry Birds, or anything else for that matter. Here is a list of updates according to the ASUS Facebook page.

Right at the top you'll see the new App backup, and that the popular Netflix comes pre-installed. Sadly this is the recently updated version of Netflix only and we still don't have an official Honeycomb tablet UI. There are some major improvements to battery consumption especially while using the dock, along with some Wi-Fi improvements. Then we have tons of applications that have been updated in this latest OTA update but all of that is listed above.

The new OTA update for the ASUS Transformer should be hitting devices over the next few days. As always, users can manually go into settings > about tablet > and check for updates themselves should they not want to wait for an OTA notification. Enjoy the latest update and feel free to let us know how things go in the comment section below. I can't wait for the Transformer Prime myself, especially with the awesome update history ASUS has shown thus far.

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  • My Transformer showed me the update this morning, installed well, seems to work fine.  Unless the battery improvements are dramatic it may be hard to quantify based on how I use my tablet.  The Android Market looks a lot different.  I was previously having some WiFi issues but I figured it was my router; perhaps that will clear up with this update.

    The Transformer Prime is what I WAS waiting for but ended up needing a tablet sooner and the TF-101 works so well it would be a tough decision to upgrade when this one works so well. I guess that probably speaks volumes for how the Prime will run!

  • Arfrd78

    Is there any app which provides video for Skype?

    Can anyone provide simple instructions on how to use cloud storage from my Asus pad?
    Ray Ford

    • cpw7922

      The official Skype app now provides video support.

  • Cheeyc93

    The stock browser still unstable, for example automatic close when open up large combo box lists and multi tab same goes to ploaris office fforce close when open up large slides or wordsheet. There is no option to report there cases and keyboard lag is still there.
    There should be a correct channel to report those bugs,but I doubt wherher google or asus is responsible for it.

    • DoinYourMom

      I think you are having problems with other apps that you installed might be interfering with your systems stability.

  • AnnDroid

    Has anyone tested Netflix?  I’ve been waiting to sign up again for this.

    • DoinYourMom

      Its still kind of jerky on HD shows. I have not tried SD yet.

    • It was working before this update so no reason to expect it to not work now.

  • thebest-androidtablet

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  • Zahi Yaari

    had my update today, well done Asus:-) keep up the hard work and you will get
    my .


    It will be nice if Asus will had a spell checker
    embedded that work with the keyboard as well!!!

  • sparklord

    I have chinese Android 3.1 and want to update to the US Android 3.2 but i get no updates available. How can i manually install 3.2 ? 

    Thanks in advance

  • Faceless Troll

    sigh, nothing about the ssl email bug