The folks over at ASUS are pushing out another minor update for their popular NVIDIA powered Eee Pad Transformer tablet. It’s seen more updates than most tablet around but they are all quite small. Today’s however brings a few more needed bug fixes, as well as Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich‘s popular face unlock feature.

First off the update is build version according to Droid-Life and brings the much awaited feature of ICS Face Unlock. Now users can unlock the device using the front facing camera. While this isn’t anything important it has been missing and was recently added to the Prime. Another change was a few software side fixes for the casual reboot users still have, as well as Bluetooth.

Bluetooth was updated from v8.27 to v8.30 and should have improved connections as well as enhance stability for multiplayer games and streaming audio. I’ve never really had issues with WiFi or Bluetooth on mine so can’t really comment on that part of the update. ASUS recently started showing full change-logs and you can find out everything from the update at the source link below.

[device id=272]

[via ASUS Campus Life]

  • VictorBrown

    I wonder if they’ll be this on top of it with the padfone.

  • CoffeeGeeker

    Interesting. The TF201 doesn’t have face unlock; surprising they’d roll it out for the TF101.

    • Iamstrykyr

      Bad part is, the author stays the TF201 does have face unlock. I couldn’t find it anywhere.

      • CoffeeGeeker

        Cory probably doesn’t own a Prime. I do – no face unlock. But to be honest, I couldn’t care less. I’d much rather have the 4.0.4 update for ICS – 4.0.3 is incredibly buggy; 4.0.4 fixes a lot of .3’s woes. Asus still hasn’t rolled out 4.0.4 (and I hear there’s a .5 out there). My Nexus S has .4 and runs a hella lot smoother compared to .3; My TF201 is still buggy as heck, crashes and/or slows down frequently. Where’s the 4.0.4 update Asus?

      •  I do own a Prime and the original actually. The Prime’s been updated like 20 times and I swear the last one brought Face Unlock. I’ll have to double check real quick.


      • CoffeeGeeker

        Nope, definitely no Face Unlock. They promised it over on Facebook (Asus Italy, I believe) with the last “big surprises” update that brought the menu bar lock (which is pretty cool), but no Face Unlock feature. 

        Like I said though, I couldn’t care less about that on a tablet. What I do want is ICS to get the 4.0.4 (or 4.0.5) update on the Asus TF201. 0.3 is buggy and feels like beta ware; my TFP is constantly slowing down, locking up, giving that mysterious “” something services crash whenever I reboot it, Gallery is glacially slow, etc etc. Had the same issues on my Nexus S under 4.0.3, and they all went away with 4.0.4. When’s Asus rolling this out?

      • Mario Irelan

        i totally agree. no update to the prime for a long time and the stock browser no many how many times i’reset the data is TERRIBLE

  • Isaiah Jackson

    Tf101 got sum love before thee Prime HELLO FaceUnlock

  • sacha

    Updates? I have the Japanese model of the TF101 and I am still waiting for an ICS upgrade…