While we all sit and patiently wait for the ASUS Transformer Prime and its quad-core Tegra 3 power to actually hit the shelves and our fingertips, we’ll settle for a few accessories. This here is the Transformer Prime smart cover and I have a feeling Apple wont be happy with what they see. It looks quite a bit different if you ask me, but you never know these days.

We don’t have full details or if this will be an official accessory from ASUS but this here is the smart cover that will protect your lovely tablet, and double as a stand at the same time — who woulda thought? It appears as if this smart cover has learned a thing or two from the Japanese and becomes an Origami master and folds into a neat little stand although the angle might be too low for some. See the image below for an idea of what I mean when I say Origami.

It looks very similar to that unofficial Samsung smart cover we saw a few months back that Samsung quickly denied having any part with to obviously avoid a lawsuit from the likes of Apple. Again, we aren’t sure if this will be sold or marketed right from ASUS but I have a feeling it wont. Either way this case looks as awesome as the tablet does and I surely will be buying both when the time comes.

Who else is buying this quad-core beast — now with a neat little case?

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[via eeepc.it]

  • Manny2525

    I will!!! It will go nice with my new Galaxy Nexus 🙂 Just sad that I’ll have to designate my Nexus One as a backup 🙁

    • I still have my Nexus One too. Can’t find it inside to sell her

  • ahhh!! That thing looks sweet!! 

  • Robert

    Much better than apples case….but no I won’t be buying this tablet.

    Asus killed my custom by not offering a 3g version.

    • Anon

      I personally don’t want another data plan bill, and this problem is easily remedied by tethering your phone to it.

      • Cpckqt

        Once everything goes 4G you’re gonna wish you hadn’t purchased a 3G anyway… You’d be overpaying for something you won’t want/need by spring of 2012!

  • This whole “waiting until December” game is testing my patience. It took me long enough to decide to get a pad at all, and then which one. Now that I have decided and it will definitely be the Prime… i want it now. It would be really cool if they snuck it in for Black Friday at Best Buy, hint, hint.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe it’s just me but i don’t see anything special about that case. If it looks to much like an apple product, i think asus should just dump it, they don’t need it anyways.

    • Scott

      I love it! Can’t wait.  I have several friends with IPods and some of them have the folded protective cover. I knew someone would take that idea and make it work for the new Asus….. I will order mine from Amazon USA as soon as I can.

  • it’s good with this ‘Smart Cover’ app : http://market.android.com/details?id=smart.cover
    Close cover, and Device automatically goes to sleep. Open cover, and Device instantly wakes up.