ASUS Transformer Prime in stock at Best Buy

January 6, 2012

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We've wrote about the Transformer Prime being in stock a few times recently but they seem to sell out faster than our fingers can type. ASUS and their hotly anticipated quad-core tablet has been selling out everywhere and with good reason. Thanks to a few tips from our readers we can now confirm it being in stock and available at

The online store over at Best Buy currently has the 32GB Grey model in-stock and are taking orders. A few of our readers have already snatched one up and shipping confirmations are going out. For those that have been dying to get in on this quad-core Tegra 3 action here is your chance.

Our review of the Prime was highly favorable and all the Tegra 3 games make it even better. With ASUS recently updating the world that they'll be unlocking the bootloader users should be excited to buy this tablet. ASUS has confirmed that they'll be pushing the update for Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich to the Prime starting January 12th -- just a few days away. I'd be ordering one now if I were you, and it should be delivered right in time to receive that awesome update to the latest and greatest from Google.

Who's buying one? Be sure and let us know in the comments when you get an expected delivery date for those interested.

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[via Best Buy] -- Thanks John!

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  • Dieternelson

    I ordered one from BestBuy yesterday, and got my order shipping confirmation today!

    • same here ordered on thursday night, got my ups confirmation, it’s in Cali now, says it should be here by the 12th.  fingers crossed.

  • Jeffrey

    Also check out Office Depot.  They have it in stock online and I ordered one yesterday.

    • Anonymous

      I would keep an eye on your order. I ordered one about a week ago when Office Depot said they had them in stock.  It said it would deliver on January 5 but then the status was changed to out of stock.  I emailed about it and they said it would be shipped on January 6… Stil out of stock!

  • Jeffrey

    I would also suggest moving quickly on the docking station, as it’s not available anywhere right now but Best Buy. And if the site says “not available online”, get into the store in person and have them check.  I did that yesterday and have my order in place with a hopeful in-store pickup of 01/11.

  • ken
  • Matt
  • Trollio

    It’s not actually in stock. You can’t buy it on their website, at least not anywhere in New Jersey or New York… It’s NOT available for home shipping, and NOT available for in store pickup. But you can add it to your cart if it makes you feel better…

  • Grooovn

    I ordered mine this morning after talking with them in there chat feature to make sure they had them and could ship out. They assured me they had them and I would get it either 1/10 or 1/11 two hours later I got there backorder email saying oops our bad we don’t really have them yet.

  • laneybee

    I ordered mine from Office Depot on Tuesday, Jan. 3rd. I checked on a whim since it had been out of stock in the days before and it was there. I got a shipping confirmation on Wednesday and it will be here on Tuesday, Jan. 10th. Checked Best Buy and Office Depot today and they were out of stock both places.

  • Guesswho720

    i called bestbuy augusta this morning, 1/8/2012,  and was told that there is a hold on this item due to a lawsuit! anyone else know of this?

    • billyjean

      i went to a best buy off Piedmont and the guy there told me the same thing. this was on 1-6. said it had to do with the Hasbro suit and werent allowed to sell now

    • billyjean

      i went to a best buy off Piedmont and the guy there told me the same thing. this was on 1-6. said it had to do with the Hasbro suit and werent allowed to sell now

  • Trevor

    I ordered mine on Friday from BB.  I opted to have it shipped to the store down the street for me so I would not have to pay shipping.  It says it should be available to pick up in the store on Saturday the 14th.  I will believe it when I have it in my hands.

  • guest

    I ordered one Friday as well after confirming with their staff that they were in stock, I was just informed via email that the order is backordered. Thanks best-buy, I’m sure glad I cancelled my other pre-order. 

  • Fatmi Tab1

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  • Matt

    Actually, I tried to order this on 1/6 with Express shipping.  It said processing would be 1 day and delivery by the 9th or 10th of January.  I was happy to finally see them in stock at best buy.  I checked a few hours later on their site again and then said it was not longer available for shipping on new orders and that I must have got one of the last ones.  Well, needless to say, bestbuy sent me a letter the next day letting me know that the Transformer Prime was backordered and it would now ship out in approximately 1-2 weeks.  Ummm.. kinda defeats the purpose of express shipping a bit.  I sent them a letter asking why their site would allow me to buy it, tell me it was in stock, when it wasn’t, etc.  They had no answer of course, and gave their generic response as usual.  I told them even if they did get more in stock before other places, i would not even give them my money.  Best Buy is such a joke and has terrible customer service.  They have done this same thing to me several times in the past as well as mispricing items on their site, the product gets ordered and they send you an email saying, sorry we accidentally put the wrong price up and so you are not going to get that product anymore.  Best Buy will not get my money again and others really need to follow suit, or they are just going to be the big corp bullies they are turning into. 

  • georgeb

    ordered mine today from Office they are back in stock- also found the docking station at

  • M_vickers

    I just ordered mine from Office Depot as well. Search for coupon codes and you can get a free mystery gift!! Also has the champagne color in stock and shipping out for free! You guys better hop on it, I have been looking ever since the beginning of December and finally got my money on one.

  • Mrjaymuse

    It took me a while to find one but had some in stock (3 to be exact, champagne). I grabbed one with next day shipping, can’t wait to unbox tomorrow! After calling into ASUS it was recromended I check out the list of companies that sell their tablets on their site, the list was very helpful. check it out, it helped me find (support, list of resellers)

  • HA, Ha, Ha. Are you dreaming. Aiin’t nuttin to dis!