While the US launch date has been up in the air will all sorts of random leaks it will officially be here December 19th said ASUS themselves. We just learned that for those of you north of the border getting snowed on up in Canada BestBuy.ca is reporting the ASUS Transformer Prime quad-core beast will be available December 5th, and is already taking orders.

From the screenshot above you can clearly see Canada’s Best Buy stores marks the date for the 5th and while you might have got excited after seeing that, they appear to already be sold out online. You might have better luck in store come Monday so get ready to run down to the nearest Best Buy and give it a try.

While we patiently wait here in the US, and those in Canada too for a few more days feel free to enjoy our full in-depth hands-on with the Prime. If that isn’t enough our pal Chris Burns from SlashGear has a full review you can see here. Online order status pages don’t always tell the entire story but Best Buy is usually pretty accurate — especially this close to the date. Most likely Canada will be lucky enough to pick up this slate come the 5th. Let us know if you’ve ordered one yourself and feel free to share the details if and when it ships.

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[via Best Buy] — Thanks Sonny

  • MauiLove

    More than likely this is just their eda. I pre-ordered from Staples and they stated mid december which is more along the lines of what Asus said. We’ll see in a few days and more than likely no stores will have it in stock anyway…just pre-orders only. Can you not pre-order in the US other than on amazon?

  • Which was found on this website first http://hexabites.studiodyv.com/?p=2412

  • Ballyoran

    I pre ordered prime with Future Shop in Canada with a release date of 5th Dec. Had a follow up email to say that it will ship on the 5th. It appeared from the email they had stock but had to wait on the release date.

    • Friendlyworker

      I pre-ordered the first night when it came online at BestBuy here in Canada on Nov 20-something, and it claimed “Dec 5th” release date.

      …that was until this morning: now the BestBuy site states:
      “Release Date:12/22/2011”

      Ugh. So much for it being a christmas present 🙁

      • Quadcoretablet

        I also pre-ordered in Late November at Futureshop.ca for a release date of Dec 5th. It now states release date is Dec 22. This just changed this am. Its weird though that the shipping details say now also say “(Estimated arrival date(s) 11/27-12/05/2011)”. Confusing.

      • quadcoretablet2

        Called futureshop. It ships Dec 22. So much for Santa 🙁

      • Friendlyworker

        Yeah, likewise. What a drag.

        Might be faster/easier to pick it up in store?

      • quadcoretablet2

        From zdnet: [Updated December 2:] According to SlashGear, the Transformer Prime will be getting a firmware update today, and its American ship date will be December 19 as I reported yesterday:
        “We expect to release FOTA image update on 12/2 that updates the EC firmware to improve battery life with the dock in power saving mode along with a few minor performance tweaks.” – ASUS“We expect availability to start the week of 12/19 based on the pre-orders and inbound shipment schedules.” – ASUS

      • Friendlyworker

        EDIT:  Checking Amazon.ca’s site showing it will now be available “Jan 31 2012” makes me very skeptical this will even arrive even the 22nd of Dec.

  • mich803

    You best check the Best Buy Canada website again!  The release date is now officially 12/22/11.  Your screen capture is inaccurate, misleading and false.

  • Miseryofreflection

    I have preordered them and am receiving them tomorrow. If anyone wants to purchase from me email at miseryofreflection@gmai:disqus l.com

  • Poobarii

    Delete. Irrelevant.