ASUS plans midyear ZenFone 3 launch, VR and AR planned, accessories leaked

February 19, 2016

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ASUS recently made public its financial results for 2015 at a recent investor conference, and the numbers are what you expect. The Taiwan-based company’s market share in the PC and notebooks area continues to slide, but its profit has been padded by its smartphone business. The great performance of the company’s ZenFone line has made sure 2015 was a profitable year for ASUS. Now it plans continue its dominance in the midrange segment of the smartphone market with the upcoming ZenFone 3.

Last year, ASUS’s ZenFone line performed well for the company – this includes the Zenfone 2 Laser, the Zenfone Selfie, the Zenfone 2 and the Zenfone Zoom Deluxe. And usually, you would expect a new model right around the time the Mobile World Congress rolls in in February. But according to data from the investor conference, ASUS will be launching its flagship device at COMPUTEX 2016 in Taiwan, around May or June 2016.


From the slides that were leaked, it looks like the ZenFone 3 will be geared for virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR). ASUS has been relatively successful with its accessories as well, and we might be seeing new ones added to the family – like a Zen Tripod, and a new dual port ZenPower power bank, and a mini projector in the Zen Beam.


This all adds up to a pretty exciting 2016 for ASUS and its fans. COMPUTEX is still a ways to go, so we can all see how the market shapes up after MWC 2016. Around March or April, we’ll probably start getting information on the specs of the ZenFone 3.

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  • I hope it’s good enough to take on flagships. Another midrange clunker won’t cut it.

    • zedfallex

      I don’t know what you mean by “mid-range clunker,” the Zenfone 2 is an enthusiast’s dream phone, fully unlockable bootloader and 4 gigs of RAM. ‘Nuf said.

      Samsung, on the other hand, locks everything down with an iron fist and tops off all their recent phones with sixteen tons of proprietary bloat. No thanks.

      • shreyans

        You forgot the lag, lag, lag and lag plus heavy pricing and its sudden downfalls and the ugly ui

      • Freddy_2016

        What? There is literally no lag at all with the ZF2, no idea why there would even be lag with 4gb’s of RAM. The pricing was more than extremely fair, considering that it is a budget phone that rivaled top of the end smartphones that where at least double ZF2’s price. If you don’t like the UI, download a launcher like every other person with an android phone does, simplest & easiest way to cater to yourself.

      • shreyans

        I was talking about samsung, he forgot about all these things in samsung, well i am happy and impressed with my zenfone 2 in 10 months it has lagged only once literally… and i use it very heavy duty

        And yeah for the ui i am using a theme to cover up the whiteness in noti panel in stock. Well theres even official CM now so…..

      • Freddy_2016

        Oh yea well I do completely agree with what you said now haha, I thought you were talking about Asus xD. I went from a Samsung s4 to a ZF2, best decision in my life.

      • Paul

        Same here 🙂 and buying the s4 was the second worst buy of my life (1st was Logitech G430)
        Although I’m a little upset that my 5″ model has literally nothing done on XDA forums. 5.5″ is just too fucking huge!