Right on the dot, ASUS is delivering Android 4.4 to its 2012 smartphone/tablet hybrid, the PadFone 2. But while many owners are undoubtedly grateful for the most recent Android version to a 2 year-old niche device, the update process for the PadFone 2 is a bit more involved and more destructive compared to other smartphones similarly updated to KitKat.

Last February, ASUS promised to deliver the then still fresh and new Android 4.4 version to almost all of its PadFone line, starting with the PadFone 2 and the older PadFone Infinity. The schedule was slated for the end of Q2 2014 which is practically today. The update for the PadFone 2 has been delivered as promised, but unfortunately the ASUS PadFone Infinity isn’t so lucky, with no sign of the update anywhere in sight.

PadFone 2 owners shouldn’t consider themselves completely lucky just yet. While the update is indeed already available on ASUS’ support page, the process isn’t as easy. Usually, Android devices would get Android updates delivered over the air, or OTA. In this case, ASUS is only providing a flashable ZIP image. Those who flash ROMs will most likely be familiar with this process, but majority of users won’t. Users must also take care to backup their device before attempting the upgrade, as the flashing process will wipe out the PadFone 2. After following the instructions, which ASUS fortunately provided, they will then have to restore what they backed up in order to get back to a working state.

That said, should they survive the ordeal, users will be greeted by Android 4.4.2, up from the default Android 4.1 on the device. They will also have ASUS’ custom Android experience, ZenUI, installed on the PadFone 2, taking this 2012 machine forward to the same ranks as the company’s latest devices. Aside from the old PadFone Infinity, ASUS has also promised an update to the PadFone A80 for Europe around this same period. The new PadFone Infinity A86, however, is scheduled to get Android 4.4 only in the third quarter.


  • bl0wf1sh

    Meanwhile, the Padfone Infinity update is still nowhere to be seen…. It is a nice phone (w/ some bugs), but I think will be my last Asus phone, due to their abysmal update process. Since Q2 2013, I have not gotten as much as a security or patch update. And the update to 4.3 (later 4.4) was promised since Q3 2013…

    • Lasse p

      I fucking hate my Padfone A86. I have had so many problems with it you could not imagine.

      1. The damned thing keeps notifying me that i inserted an SD card. (three months ago)

      2. The thing regularly looses all connectivity and claims that i need to insert a Simcard (Its already there stupid)

      3. It cannot for the life of me get a solid internet connection (Ive got a 4G phone, but it´s not even able to use 3G allthough im right next to a Antenna mast that supports 4G)

      4. If i hold my hand at the buttom half of the phone while making a phone call, the person on the other end suddenly cannot hear me, that is if it does not cut-out all together.

      5. It gets very warm by normal use.

      Bottom line is, if you like to get value for money, this is not the place to look.

      God damned Asus phone, it´s the LAST time i will ever buy one.

  • rubbish

    no update still now for kit kat padfone infinity..so sad with asus…

  • Matthias

    I just bought the A86 two weeks ago and it already feels like the biggest mistake of the last 6 months (nothing beats coming together with my now-ex 7 months ago).

    • baxeda

      wait for until your ex gets upgraded lol

      • Matthias

        It would need a massive bugfix, I would even say a totally new OS. The hardware is pretty neat, not absolutely high-end but very good build quality. The processor was also fast, but somehow I encountered massive logic failures and breakdowns on a regular basis.

      • baxeda

        How about other aspects? Touch pad responsiveness, multitasking, energy consumption, battery life, memory.. Any advantages over competitors?

  • baxeda

    My ASUS FonePad 7 got upgraded too.. Cool

  • victoria

    my phone is a asus a86 padfone infinity when I make a call the other person can not hear me but I hear them. Can anyone tell me what the problem is? thanks