We know that a successor to the Asus EEE Transformer is in the works, and now there’s some concrete evidence that the new tablet is coming soon. A UK online shop has a listing for the “Asus TF201”, which is probably the model number of the Transformer’s successor – the original’s official designation is TF101. A November 7th release date lines up nicely with previous rumors of a Q3/Q4 debut.

The original Transformer is one of the most popular Android Honeycomb tablets out there, so it’s no surprise that the update is on its way. According to previous leaks and the store listing, the Transformer 2 will feature a Tegra 3 processor (probably the much-anticipated Kal-El), a full gigabyte of RAM and (at least in this listing) 32GB of storage space. Unfortunately no further specifications or a photo is included. The price in the listing is 448 British pounds before taxes, which comes out to about $700 USD. Keep in mind that retail prices for computers and gadgets are often much higher across the pond. No mention is made of software, but if it really is coming so soon, Honeycomb and Ice Cream Sandwich both seem possible.

The device is keeping its 10.1-inch screen, presumably with the current 1280 x 800 resolution intact. The store listing refers to the tablet as “gold”, but that could be a rather fanciful description of something like the current Transformer’s amber metallic hue. Keep in mind that stores often list products with estimated specifications and release dates, but the listing itself is a strong indicator that the Transformer 2 is coming sooner rather than later.

[via Tablettwo]

  • I’m all for it but I’m not too excited about the rumor of the additional $100 on the price.

    • Rxsiu

      If you’re referring to the $499usd price tag, it’s no rumor, Asus has confirmed it… Still, I’m super stoked for it. If nov7 is the actual release date, I can’t wait.

      • The thing that made the transformer so great was its competitive price.  Construction wise it wasn’t as good as the xoom and samsung tab

      • Aztecgod106

        what!!! samsung has no micro sd. xoom has speakers away from you….thats funny.

      • Brian Carr

        I didn’t care for the Samsung I had a few bad experiences with it. The Sony I loved I thought that thing ran smooth as butter. They keyboard, gorilla glass, 16hrs of battery life, mini HDMI that the sony lacked, and micro SD rather than full SD (I prefer just to keep it one format over all devices like my phone and tablet not to mention I have several micro SDs and only 1 1gb SD card)

        And the Xoom was outdated as hell and cost a freaking fortune when it came out.

  • Dear Friend, Tabletowo, not TabletTwo 🙂

  • No Longer An Asus Fan…….

    screw asus, I was once a big fan, now they are just too greedy and there is no way in hell that i’m paying £500 for a tablet……..They are having a laugh with those prices……………I’m firmly in the amazon camp now waiting for their offering.

    • Aztecgod106


      • Brian Carr

        I am torn between: caps lock is cruise control for cool and I DON’T KNOW WHAT WE’RE YELLING ABOUT!!!!!!!111!!!1 (yes those “1”s were intentional). Either way I think Ive made my point: calm the fuck down!

    • Shnsajax

      Then buy this current Transformer. They are not going to discontinue it but continue to sell it as a lower grade model. Your talking about paying extra for a brand new processor made by Nvidea, probably higher resolution and maybe 32 GB at $499. Do you get mad when a new car comes out and costs more than the previous years model because it has more features in it. 

  • Anonymous

    For some reason some of you still think we’re getting screwed by Asus’ lack of ‘competitive’ pricing, but you guys forget that this isn’t the same tablet. I’m not even going to PRETEND to reiterate the specs for you, that should be obvious enough. This tablet will be the fastest of them all, but it’s still priced less than the iPad 2, which still has the sloppy dual core compared to this quad core killer! Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to pay another 100$ either…trust me! But we need to be realistic….this is one sweet piece of hardware!!

    • Aztecgod106

      very true…these people here dont know what they want. i bet if you throw them an apple, they would bite….haa haa hey, that was funny.

  • #1 on my wish list.