AppSurfer lets you access apps on the cloud, no need to download

March 22, 2016

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These days, 16GB of phone storage is not enough as apps are going HD and growing in size. Most photos and videos are being saved in hi-res by default so a few items on your device will take up so much space already. It can be annoying if you want to download new apps or take new pictures but can't store them because memory is full. One easy solution is to delete apps quickly especially those you don't frequently use.

It can be a challenge to manage storage space because you don't always know how big or heavy an app is. With AppSurfer you can access an app without having to install them directly on your phone. The app is saved on the cloud so no phone memory is wasted ever. You see, you don't need all those apps in your phone so you'd better delete them. If you really want to try an app or game, you can use AppSurfer.

AppSurfer is still in beta mode but it should be ready to give mobile users the freedom to install apps on the cloud. It's accessible and can run all the apps available. Simply search a particular app, launch, and then use it immediately. You don't have to download the app and waste any of your previous storage.

AppSurfer a

An AppSurfer cloud account will be provided where you can save all the apps you want to try. Aside from saving space, AppSurfer also protects your privacy. It offers privacy control and eliminates data tracking in the background.

Download AppSurfer and become a tester

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  • AndroidApplover

    Tried as a Tester, SUPER LAGGY. An it used a load of my data. Not recommend anyone. Just download the app and use it.

  • AndroidApplover

    Tried as a Tester, SUPER LAGGY. An it used a load of my data. Not recommend anyone. Just download the app you wanna use and use it.

    • Tony Maxisis

      Yea they released their test here in the US and it lagged like hell. A friend became the beta tester and let me try it out on his device. Way to hyped up and not worth anything. Definitely not gonna use it …. Also haha about 12 of the apps I tried didn’t even work and crashed…. I guess they didn’t even check their system before releasing it.

  • Di Lee

    hmmm good point that I didn’t think about (AndroidApplover)…. I just like to try games and if I understand correctly they don’t use data right? I’m kinda limited in my data usage so I’d like to not increase it to use apps I use daily.

  • Kevboyrunner

    Appsurfer? Again…. these guys did this a few years back and now their trying the exact same thing again? Really…….