If you thought it was all over, you can be considered, at best, naive. Despite technically winning the trial, Apple wants a total redo of a trial that only ended early this month. Plus it naturally wants those infringing Samsung smartphone to be stricken off the face of the market, at least in the US.

The fact is, Apple may have won, but it practically didn't. Of the $2.2 billion it wanted in damages, it was only awarded $119.6 million. On top of that, it was also found actually guilty of infringing one of Samsung's patents as well, and is being ordered to pay $158,000. A measly sum to contest, but it could also be all about appearances.

This legal victory might mean nothing for Apple if it doesn't get substantial monies. And it will be even more embarrassing if it doesn't get rid of the shame of having been found to be guilty of infringing on other as well. Some hold that this has practically made Apple lose face, which might be a bit of an exaggeration. Nonetheless, it is something Apple is definitely not taking lightly. According to Apple, Samsung made rather prejudicial claims during the course of the trial. It also wants to prove willful infringement on Samsung's part. In effect, it is seeking more money from Samsung.

Apple also wants the infringing devices to be banned from sales in the US, which is something natural for Apple to claim. However, not everything that Apple wants, Apple gets. In 2012, it also filed for an injunction against other Samsung devices, which was denied. Judge Lucy Koh, who has presided over all recent Apple vs. Samsung trials, is unlikely to change her stance that the continued sales of Samsung devices would hurt Apple's sales in the slightest.

VIA: SlashGear

  • Jon George

    Apple should go lay out in the korean sun & rot itself to death..the iphone is garbage. Yes I do have a rooted Note 3 & a GS3 but im pro android open source not closed bigoted idea stealing Apple garbage

    • Roger

      But, but, but they have Beats audio now! LMAO

  • James Burkett

    Apple wants more money and sales bans. What’s new?

  • Gadget guru

    Seems Apple are getting frightened of samsungs and in particular androids growing popularity not only in the states but worldwide! Apple is shooting itself in the foot more and more by overpricing its products against the more and more popular android operated devices!

    • Go Tizen OS!

      Apple, and also Google, both fear and loathe Samsung. They both loved Samsung when they used them, but now that Samsung is formidable (not they weren’t to begin with) they will do anything to try to slow Samsung. In other words…Apple is royally screwed. I’d purchase a Tizen OS mobile device from Samsung any day of the week over Apple and Google devices.

    • KojiroAK

      Getting? I think they are, why would you want to go nuclear on someone who don’t see as a threat?

    • Roger

      Problem there is Samsung is getting just as bad as Apple with their pricing based on a name alone. Samsung has jack-all to offer in the middle-market segment that isn’t some craptastic speced model running Ice Cream Sandwich or earlier with woefully inadequate ram and space to run their Touchwiz interface coupled with all their redundant bloatware that Google apps already have covered.

      I hope like hell Motorola brings ALL their price points crashing down.

  • Richard Estes

    I’m so sick of this court battle. This is no way to compete. Even Mac v. Windows wasn’t dragged out this long in court. I think this battle has gone on this long because of two reasons: Internet access (quick updates with no printing lag) and also because smartphones are still such an un-settled market that everyone is desperate for a piece.

  • Techngro

    I know that Apple and, by extension, their fans, live in their own little bubble, but doesn’t Apple realize how desperate this makes them look to anyone watching? Time and time again, they go after Samsung, all the while churning out the same device every year with a new marketing gimmick.

    It’s so sad how far Apple has fallen from even a decade ago.

  • Roger

    Apple has to recoup their losses from when Dr. Dre hustled them out of 3 billion

  • bob

    Personally, Apple’s attitude is the main reason I would not buy one of their products. I genuinely feel embarrassed at the thought of owning one.