Today we’re learning that the folks up at Apple headquarters have just secured another patent that could be a huge deal in our mobile future. Apple has just patented some form of “curved battery” technology. With mobile devices growing to all shapes and sizes, and wearable computing (like Google Glass) taking off, this could be a big win for Apple in the courtroom.

Wearable computing is just starting to take off, and we don’t yet know what the future holds. However things like smartwatches, Google Glass, and more, the possibilities are endless. While it’s not a guarantee any Apple product will use this technology any time soon, it does pique our interest as to what they have planned. If anything. Apple often patents technology without ever using it.

And yes, we’re talking about the iWatch, or whatever you want to call it. I’m not a fan personally of the smartwatch idea, but then I’ve not seen anything revolutionize the idea behind it. Don’t just toss a screen on my wrist, give me a reason to get one. This recent Google Nexus smartwatch render had me excited though. However, will something like that become a reality with Apple patenting all this curved battery tech? Who knows.


The patent was reportedly filed in January and is now available to the public. Maybe, just maybe, we might see something in the form of an iWatch at their upcoming WWDC, but that’s doubtful. Obviously the idea behind a curved battery, even though the technology isn’t fully here yet, could be useful for all types of devices and not just a watch or wearable computers. Smartphones, tablets, and more could all benefit from what Apple claims will “facilitate efficient use of space” in electronics.

Is this another grab by Apple to secure a patent they can use in the courtroom, or will we actually be seeing some form of technology or new product from the Cupertino company soon? Who knows. More details can be found from the links below.

VIA: Mashable

  • Gilbert Gonzalez

    What does a curved battery have to do with a smartwatch. The actual watch isn’t even curved…don’t see how this is a big deal.

  • reznorfan0

    So it’s a battery….but it has a CURVE to it!!!! IT’S REVOLUTIONARY!!!! IT’S STUPENDOUS!!!! I’m going to make a battery that (wait for it…) is WHITE ON ONE SIDE!!!! MWA HA HA HA, I AM GOING TO RAKE IN THE DOUGH!!!!!

    How on earth is taking an existing technology and giving it a different shape patentable? I’d love to see a fraction of the money apple uses to brib….er….grease the wheels at the patent office to get these ridiculous things done for them.

    • Alec Smith

      I asked my eneneering friend and he says making a battery curve is a big breakthrough and could not be easily achieved.
      Everyone knows how to make a battery in the tech industry, but no one had made one curved before. So as far as I’m concerned, apple put their research funds to good use by solving the problems behind curved battery technology.
      This could be applied to future curved phones, chargeable cars, curved watches, curved tablets and monitors, special military tech, etc.

      • phor11

        Manufactures have been taking a flat sheet of annode, cathode, and dielectric and rolling it up for decades.
        How is a AA battery not curved?
        Folding the sheet into a slightly different shape is NOT novel. It’s iterative design.

        Just another example of the USPTO ruining the industry with incompetence.

      • reznorfan0

        Indeed, ask your engineering freind what you want, I myself am an engineer. I’m sure there were challenges, but this is akin to patenting a rectangle with rounded corners.

    • Zachary Morris
  • Nick Thai

    Flexible battery has been published a long time ago. This patent application will be rejected or eventually invalidated if mistakenly granted

    • Jorge Alpizar

      it’ll probably be rejected soon

  • Babs Oyed

    Don’t understand how this patent could have been awarded, unless the reporting is inaccurate

  • xracer

    “The patent was reportedly filed in January and awarded to Apple this week.” People please learn a Publication is not a patent, this is the publication of a file, meaning it is made available to the public. a Patent has not been granted, after all it is called “Patent Application Publication” which is not the same as “Patent”

  • bob

    I would say it probably has 4 curves to it, one for each corner

  • wes

    This is why I hate apple!! Imagine all the car companies patented the shapes of cars and car parts…. This is why I will NEVER EVER buy anything apple.

  • Jorge Alpizar

    they have to do their patents they are scared to death of samsung and google whos blowing them out of the competition so they need this to try to secure some sort of futre google doesnt need a curved battery for a watch plus curved displays must be a bitch in viewing angles thats why i prefer flat and smooth

  • I dont understand how the patent office allows a company to patent the SHAPE of an existing invention. The patent system is so horribly flawed, its pathetic.

  • JayMankind

    Once a patent troll always a patent troll. They’ll change the color of the iPhone and get a patent on Rainbow Colored Phones.