The fighting between Samsung and Apple has been ongoing for sometime now. While things have been relatively quiet recently, it looks like both companies are preparing for the next phase, which will be taking place next year. Specifically, the trial will continue in March of 2014. In the meantime though, both Samsung and Apple have recently submitted an updated device list. At present each of the lists contain 22 devices.

As an aside from the 22 devices, it seems Apple has recently set their sights on the GALAXY S 4. Details from the Apple filing show they consider the GALAXY S 4 to be an infringing device. The filing mentions that Apple “has concluded that it is an infringing device and accordingly intends to move for leave to add the Galaxy S4 as an infringing product.”

Basically, it seems Apple intends to add the GALAXY S 4 to the list. This hinges upon getting approval from the court and it does man Apple will be removing another device from the list. One interesting aspect here, while the Apple list contains a mix of smartphones and tablets, the Samsung list also includes some computers as well as the Apple TV, iTunes and iCloud.


Looking forward, the asserted patent claims will be narrowed as we move closer to the trial. Both companies, by February 6, 2014 will have to limit those patent claims to 5 each. Additionally, the accused products will be narrowed down to 10 by that same date. While this is certainly not the last we are going to hear on this case, there is another Apple and Samsung issue that will be back in court in November.

This other issue deals with an earlier patent case. The details for this one may sound familiar as there were some big numbers thrown around. This is the case where Apple was awarded $1.05 billion. Of course, that $1.05 billion was later reduced by $450 million. Anyway, the November court date will be used to recalculate those damages.

VIA: phoneArena


  • HaveSomePridePeople

    Yawn, so tired of this fight. Apple your cool factor expired 2 years ago, stop trying to sue companies who innovate and make better products.

    You’d think apple would have learned lessons about keeping such tight control over their OS. It’s this thinking that smothered OSX into near obscurity and let Microsoft dominate the desktop landscape. The same thing will happen to iOS, ‘cept this time Google is going to win. I doubt Google will be so generous to bail them out next time Apple goes belly up.

  • steve

    I guess if you can’t win in design and specs, you try to sue your competitors. Remember Kodak had done this, taking everyone to court, and loss case after case, until they couldn’t afford to take anyone to court. Apple would be better off spending their money in making their boring phone better.