Apple claiming Google Now infringes on Siri patents

May 22, 2013

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We had known Apple was looking to include the GALAXY S 4 in the patent suit with Samsung. As of today however, it looks like Apple has filed a motion with the courts to include both the GALAXY S 4 and Google Now. Specifically, Apple is claiming patent infringement for a total of seven patents -- five of which deal with the GALAXY S 4 and two of which deal with Google Now.

The part of the filing that touches on how Apple believes the GALAXY S 4 falls in with the other named Samsung Galaxy devices. The filing notes;

"Apple determined that the Galaxy S4 product practices many of the same claims already asserted by Apple, and that the Galaxy S4 practices those claims in the same way as the already-accused Samsung devices."

This comes by way of 13-05-21, which is the "Apple Motion to Amend Infringement Contentions." Otherwise, while Apple has chosen to include the GALAXY S 4, they have yet to specially mention the recently unveiled "Google Edition" model that was announced during Google I/O. It is believed that Apple will also include this model once it becomes readily available in late June.

Shifting away from the GALAXY S 4 and into the topic of Google Now and Siri. Here Apple has cited two patents. These two patents deal with unified search and they have been attached to a mention of the Android Quick Search Box for devices running Android 4.0 and below. Basically, these two new claims amount to Apple updating their filings to make sure Google Now is included.

While the outcome remains to be seen, it is worth mentioning that one of those filings against the Android Quick Search Box was overcome in the past. That previous incident was dealing with the Galaxy Nexus and it occurred in October 2012.

Aside from this case, Apple and Samsung are expected back in court in November for another case. This other deals with an earlier patent case and will be to recalculate the damages. Those looking back will remember that as the case where Apple was awarded $1.05 billion to have that later reduced by $450 million.


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  • Gilbert Gonzalez

    This shit is just getting ridiculous. I mean damn dude. Smh

  • I just don’t understand Apple. They’re already the most valuable company in the world. They’ve basically created the go-to standard for 3 different markets: the portable music player, the smartphone and the tablet. They should spend less time trying to vigorously defend their patents and spend more time catching up to where other companies have surpassed them. They’ve fallen behind in the market not because Samsung copied some of their ideas, but because Samsung is developing newer, better ideas as well.

    • CharlesKGim

      You fail to realize what they have realized; Steve is gone. This is the only way they can make money now.

  • Michael South

    It fits with the image that Apple wants, I mean what do hipsters do all day but complain?

  • Apple is 1984

    Seriously, f@#k Apple!

  • Paul

    Wait, the Galaxy S4 uses Google Now? I thought Samsung was going with their pre-Google-now Siri-Alternative, S-Voice? IIRC, the Galaxy S4 uses S-Voice and not Google Now. I know on my Note II I had to disable S-Voice and re-rig double-tap-home to launch Google Now instead of S-Voice because every comparison I read says Google Now kills S-Voice.

    • Nah.. Just push and hold home and the pop-up in the middle is a G for Google Now. Or just use the widget 😉

      • Sashank Narayan

        You can also hold the menu button to bring up Google Now directly from anywhere. 🙂

  • Christopher Robert

    Lol Apple thinks their very broad patents give them the ability to sue anyone. They might as well try and get the patent for “Technology” and sue anyone who develops anything that is classified as tech.

  • Vamsi

    Apple is now getting desperate man. Tim cook must av been working on this since the day s4 was out. Instead he could have focussed more on ways to innovate the iphone. Apple is getting shittier

  • Apple, why don’t you spend less time suing and more time innovating. You have the resources to make some really awesome things!

  • Javier

    if I was a tycoon I’d buy thousands of samsung’s and other Android phones and give them away to poor techfreaks just to piss Apple off

    • stucrmnx120fshwf

      Brother count me in, for one of those sweet Google edition S4’s, or the again rumoured Nexus 7/2, anyway I thought everyone bought their voice recognition codecs, from the same company. Is it the same old clap trap, like they invented voice recognition, or rounded rectangles, wah wah everybody likes the Android 5 and 7″ screens, there picking on Apple just because they hardly spend any money on research and get everyone else to do the ARM architectures, screens, RAM, trancievers. Wah wah, we stole the GUI from Xerox first, no one else can use it.

  • RSerda

    doesn’t surprise me at ALL… buncha little bitches…

  • KingKilla

    thats getting really annoying it, someone should go to apple and tell them stop crying like a little girl.

  • Joe Frannelli

    This is all apart of Job’s all out War on Android using anti competitive lawsuits instead of innovation. Remember Job’s quote “I’ll spend every last penny in Apple’s bank account to kill Android”.

  • RayRay1

    I keep hearing about how apple will not be going anywhere without Steve Jobs. If Steve Jobs was such a tech god that loved apple then why the hell didnt he write all his new ideas down before he croaked? So that way apple could continue his Innovative Tech Legacy even after his death. Either he didnt care or ran out of ideas. Either way Apple needs to innovate or continue to move the F out the way. Sincerly, Happy s3 user.

  • Major_Pita

    Android had voice actions prior to Siri. Google throw their weight into invalidating the Siri patents under pre-existing product rules.

  • rpcom

    Damn you Apple! Never buying an Apple product in my life, NEVER! Screw you Apple and their lovers!

  • Purple Ferret

    I’m confused though. Google Now isn’t really on the same level as Siri. Siri does everything for the iPhone, Google Now doesnt voice control your entire phone, and it certainly cannot voice dial. It also doesn’t speak back to me, it just knows what I like, and tracks stuff for me. So why is it a problem? Oh wait, its only a problem to Apple because it exists! They’re worried it will become better so instead of innovating Siri a bit more, lolnope lets just sue everybody. Granted the iPhone hasn’t been relevant for quite some time now, because there are better and cheaper alternatives that people just happen to like more.

  • James Murphey

    I heard apple is hiring 7400 new employees.
    What? Lawyers?