Apple aims for Android’s budget market with $99 iPhone 5C

September 10, 2013

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In case you haven't seen the news this afternoon, Apple just announced a budget and wallet-friendly iPhone, called the iPhone 5C. Whether that stands for cheap, consumer, or color, we're not sure, but we do know they're aiming right for what has helped Android sell over 1 billion devices. The budget market.

Today Apple completely removed their iPhone 5 from the lineup, and have replaced it with a 16GB $99 iPhone 5C with tons of color options. It isn't customizable like the Moto X, nor does it run Android, but they are hoping this can seriously cut into Android's budget segment. Taking some of our KitKat chocolate, so to speak.

Our sister site SlashGear has all the news, for those interested, and obviously being a lover of all things tech and mobile I wanted to share the details. Plus, taking a look at our competition (or lackthereof) is always a good thing. The iPhone 5C will get you a 4-inch 1136 x 640 pixel resolution – that’s 326 PPI. You'll be working with Apple's A6 dual-core processor from last year, an 8 megapixel camera, and of course iOS 7. There's a lot of similarities to the Moto X, if you will, but we won't go there. Comparing exact specs on different platforms only takes you so far.


More important than the spec race here, is Apple's positioning and price. They've completely removed the iPhone 5. It's gone. Instead the iPhone 5S with that fingerprint sensor will be their flagship $199 and up device to take on the Galaxy S4 and Android. Then for the millions and millions of budget users that can't afford (or don't want to spend that much) you now have the iPhone 5C. Instead of switching to Android, they're hoping many will stick around.

Now we know what you're thinking. Wasn't the iPhone 4S $99? Yes, yes it was, but it also was an aging device. Apple's aim here is to offer a brand new device for the same wallet-freindly price as they usually offer older phones, in hopes that millions will snatch one up. It's a good plan, but we have a feeling the Galaxy S III for $49, and other deals like the recently dropped GS4 for $99 will keep Android right on track. Oh, and we're hearing Google and Motorola could be dropping the Moto X to $99 on contract. Now we have a feeling they'll have to.


Apple also announced they are about to pass the 700 million iOS device milestone. Which is big, but we wanted to quickly remind you that this month Android passed 1 billion. Great news for both platforms. We need each other, we need competition, and we have it.

There is no doubt Apple came out swinging today with the fingerprint sensor and security packed iPhone 5S, and their new 5C is aiming right at Android's bread and butter. We'll have to wait and see how it does, but we're not too worried. The iPhone 5S and 5C become available on the 20th of September.

Without getting too mean or dirty, leave us a comment below with what you thought of Apple's announcements.

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  • Kelly Klein

    Is it a new device though? It seems like it’s just an iPhone 5 with a crappy plastic back. This just seems (in typical Apple style) to be marketing. “Discontinue” the iPhone 5 but offer a “new” iPhone 5C with the only difference being a plastic back.

    • Well.. This is where it gets tricky. Yes and no. haha. Check out the compare page here

      It’s not really new, and is essentially an iPhone 5, but the average consumer won’t know that. Plus it looks and feels new. It isn’t simple last years device for less. It’s a “new” phone.

      Not a fan either. Just saying.

      • Christian

        It’s a “new” phone that’s thicker (8.97 mm) instead of last year’s iPhone 5 which was 7.8 mm or something like that. It’s also made of plastic and doesn’t come in the solid colored black and white/silver models like the 5. It’s almost like Apple is saying we can’t drop the price of our current iPhone 5 by $100 like we do every year, cause that’ll cost us too much, so we’ll say it’s a “new” iPhone for the $100 off and of course cheaper materials and look that they try to glamorize. Another one of Apple’s marketing ploys.

  • Byron

    This is complete nonsense! The phone is $99 if you have the cell provider subsidy. If you order the phone without that it is $549. The hidden costs are important because you will pay for it one way or another. It would be much more accurate to include the real cost and then the subsidized cost. Unless, of course, that you are actually just advertising the product.

  • captainkirk

    Nothing there at all to make me want to go back to a small screen and
    iOS over my Galaxy Note 2 and Android. Had iPhones for awhile but am
    happier with the choices I get with Android now.

  • Stan Kramer

    Convinced me to replace my iPhone 4s with a Galaxy Note 3. 😉

    • High five!!!

    • Marsg

      You needed convincing ? I already pte-ordered mine lol

  • JPB

    The iPhone’s are still waaaay too expensive off contract. I just got my kids an LG F3 and a Galaxy Exhibit. Yes, of course, you’d turn your nose up at those because they are “mid tier” but my kids are THRILLED to have Android smartphones. Honestly, they’re really pretty damned good Jellybean phones for the price and the batteries last well into a second day. Sure they don’t have NFC but they’ve got Google Now, Maps and Facebook (heaven help me). All the stuff they need and use. All for $250 OFF CONTRACT compared to the iPhone 5C’s $500+ off contract. They were $0 down if we did the 2 year deal.

    Update: Yes, we could have gotten Nexus 4’s at $199 when they were available, but both the kids wanted a smaller screen, go figure.

    So, I still don’t see these 5C’s as a threat to Android. Maybe to Microsoft though.

  • agenius

    Apple aims aaaaaaaaand…misses badly. who in their right mind would buy one of these over an Android phone?!

  • LiiIiikEaBau5

    I just can’t wait to see iSheep standing in queue hours to get their hand on their new device with different colors.


    Tons of color options? 4 pastel colors and white. That’s it. Hardly tons. Overpriced and girly colors. Good luck with that Apple.

  • harrybarracuda

    A budget phone? You are seriously having a laugh mate.

  • My Kro

    If you think this is a budget phone you are as delusional as Tim Cook.
    $739 AUD for the 5C, $869 AUD for the 5S.
    $299 AUD for the Nexus 4, which still beats the pants off both these phones.

  • Samuhel Ankwagh

    hahaaaaa…i laugh at you…call us iSheep@liiiiikeabau5:disqus , its the Os&device that works! Yes it works. No offense.

  • harman kainth

    but android is the open source any one sand game and app other phone even they are parches any game or app working same on other phone than way spent money on any think iPhone never sand any game and app and never accept other download ID app and must impotent no one add any think on your iPhone without iTunes if iPhone accept other ID download app than apple beat android and no one can stand against apple iPhone good luck for apple ..