‘App Habits’ brings app usage stats along with a unique quick-launch

March 9, 2014

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We’ve all wondered from time to time if we’re on social media too much. Maybe we’re addicted to email, or check that sports app too frequently. If you’ve ever wondered just how you use your Android device, we’ve got one thing to say: there’s an app for that.

A new app named App Habits does some pretty cool stuff. It monitors your usage of apps, fitting them into time slots: morning, afternoon, and night. Each app you use is shown in card format, with a breakdown of what time of day you use them. If you habitually check email before bed, App Habits will know. Wake up first thing to see which player is being traded? App Habits will know that, too.

The tracking isn’t meant to shame you, though. Instead, it’s got a unique function to make your life easier. By tracking the apps you use — and when — App Habits has what is called “Launcher”, where the apps you use most often during the time of day you’re currently enjoying reside. The launcher also houses itself in your notification bar, offering a quick and easy way to get to the apps you were going to get into anyway. Check the game in the evening? Your favorite sports app may have replaced the email app you’ve been using all afternoon, making it easier for you to do what you were going to anyway. You can remove Launcher from the notification bar in settings, but we don’t see why you’d want to — it’s really neat.

The app also shows hidden apps, like the launcher or Android System UI. It even shows itself in there, so you know it’s an honest watchdog app. We’re having fun with App Habits, even though it’s all business. If you’re interested, App Habits is available in the Play Store now, free to download and without in-app purchases.

Thanks, Matt!

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  • I had it for 4 days. It was ok but damn did it drain my battery. I was going to recommend it on my top 10 of the week roundups but it’s just a battery killer for sure. Plus a lot of the stats are off and I configure and read all the description to fully understand the apps I download. But I will not review this one due the huge battery drain and not so accurate stats. But give it a try. It could be useful but I don’t care about what apps I use the longest. I already know without this app lol

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