The cards are tossed, Rovio’s released their newest update for their RIO expansion of the Angry Birds franchise, and customers only willing to use the Android Marketplace are digging their fingernails into their kneecaps waiting for it to be out for them. Turns out they’ll only be waiting a couple more days is Rovio ain’t lyin – at the end of Friday at the latest. Meanwhile everyone else in the world on both Android and iOS are enjoying the fruits of their beaches.

Have a look over at our Angry Birds RIO Beach Volley full spoiler if you’d like to spoil it for yourself early. If you’d like to download the game right this moment, head to your local Amazon Appstore, where they’ve had the game for several days. If you’d like more information on how to set up the Amazon Appstore for yourself or if you’d just like more information on what it is, head over to Android Community 101: Amazon Appstore.

We’ve got learning for ya!

Then I’ve got a question for all of you: are you one of those people refusing to use the Amazon Appstore to get Angry Birds updates? Are you protesting, or are you just lazy? Or are you in-between: not caring too much about when you get the updates to Angry Birds, just that you do?

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  • Anonymous

    “are you just lazy?” no – remember that not everyone lives the in United States, although this may be the same reason why very few, if any of the Android-related sites put much mention as to why the new Music app is US-only (despite it being designed to be functional for local playback without the need for Music Beta service, which is officially US-only).

  • Asdf

    how about you realize at&t Android phone users CAN’T download and install anything from the amazon app store even if they WANTED to, its not being lazy, its being screwed by our cell provider that won’t allow the install of any Apps not from the Android market; unless you root your phone..

    • ATT is changing that now – you’ll be able to install soon.

  • Fhb

    Amazon appstore is not yet available in your region. I’d be Happy to use it and spend my money there, but EU is 2nd grade yet.

  • Fhb

    Amazon appstore is not yet available in your region. I’d be Happy to use it and spend my money there, but EU is 2nd grade yet.

  • Anonymous

     Or do i live in a country where Amazon app store do not work??
    Yes i am, and that piss me off…
    But hey, we should be used to it??

  • Btammi1

    Or how about paying for it through the Amazon app store when the Android market is free?

    • Amazon version has no ads. That’s why it costs a dollar.

  • Originals London

     I tried Amazon appstore three or four times and it wouldn’t work, I was raging but I’m over it now.

  • Yay! I downloaded it! Lovin’ the updates, especially in angry birds rio!