Facebook Home launched in the US on April 12 and then internationally on April 16 and quickly reached the 500,000 download milestone. While the argument can be made that 500,000 still only accounts for a small number of Android users, it is hard to ignore the reviews and average rating. At present that rating is sitting at 2.2.

While it seems a fair amount of users are not really enjoying Facebook Home, it has gotten praise from some higher-ups at Google. We previously saw praise coming from Google Chairman Eric Schmidt and as of today it looks like similar praise is coming from Matias Duarte. His comments touched on the design aspect, and while he sang some praise for Facebook Home, he also managed to bring things back to Google.

With that in mind, Duarte has said “the new Facebook Home shows an incredible amount of polish and attention to design detail.” Bringing that Google connection, Duarte went on to say that while Facebook “did a nice job expressing the Facebook experience” you can see “much of the Google design experience with Ice Cream Sandwich.”

Needless to say, despite the praise coming from Duarte, he is likely not a regular user of Facebook Home. We here at Android Community are curious though, is anyone still using (or still experimenting with) Facebook Home? You can check out some of our Facebook Home thoughts here in our earlier review.

[via ABC News]

  • boonesimpson

    had it installed for about 6 hours (on an unsupported Droid 4) and it lagged,hung,and crashed every 3rd time I did something.

    I hope for 2 things to come out of FBHome
    1-Google needs to add a “gallery” option to the lockscreen. I would love for a random image from a folder I select, to cycle on my lockscreen. (Or add lock/unlock gestures to Daydream)
    2-The chatheads idea is pretty brilliant. If Google is in fact releasing “babel” than a chathead implemenation would be amazing. I would love to handle sms, g+, FB, gchat, etc from chat heads.

  • V-Phuc

    Matias Duarte!???? That’s the same guy who once declared that having a microSD slot on their Nexus phone or tablet will confuse people as they DON’T know where to store their data?!!! Wow! And now he praises FB home? Go ahead jarhead. Hope that with your praise, FB will hit rock bottom sooner than later. People get confused about ditching FB later today or RIGHT AT THIS MINUTE after hearing you, Matias!

    • boonesimpson

      Yeah I don’t get why they couldn’t figure something out with the SD card.

      Why not have some sort of “virtual layer” where the phone plus SD card appear as one JBOD style volume, with the OS ,apps and appdata on “priority” storage (internal flash) and pics, music, (copies of apps/appdata), etc on “commodity” storage (sd card).
      That way, the internal flash is a sort of “cache” like those caching SSD drives.
      You get good performance, and if the sd unmounts, the apps/appdata for 90% of your apps (and your OS) are good.
      On the flipside, if the phone breaks, you can pull the sd card from the rubble / puddle / etc and still have all your data.

      This also negates the core criticism Matias had, and that is users apparently are morons and couldn’t figure out 2 storage locations.

      • V-Phuc

        Totally agreed. That makes me wonder why such a guy like Matias is doing at Google? Now that he “endorses” FB Home given how many people disliked it so far! Totally laughable! Google just got a black eye IMO

  • Vasternorrladn_4ever

    Facebook was removed from my Samsung SIII when i got awary of the stealing of information that facebook do.