Attention Android Users, looks like we may have another small virus issue at hand. Reports like this have came out before. Whether you think phones can get viruses or not. It’s better to be safe than sorry. Our mobile phone Anti-Virus friends over at NetQin Mobile have spotted not one, but two issues that need to be brought to everyone’s attention. NetQin said they have found two Malicious Viruses stemming from apps that come from the dark alley side of the Android Market.

According the NetQin, both viruses will sit idle in the background on your phone and collect private data that will then be stored on the SD card and uploaded to a remote server elsewhere every few minutes. Not displaying any type of Icon, or running task or anything. This could be a huge compromise and leak of your private data. From banking info, to contacts, and messages. Something most users can agree on is very unwanted. The SW.SecurePhone bug appears to be spread primarily through Internet downloads in the United States. Then the next sounds even worse. The SW.Qieting bug. This sneaky little bugger happens to be auto-forwarding all messages received to a “monitoring phone”. Same as above with no warning, icon, or task being shown as running. As always with installing apps. If it’s not a big developer or something new I find it’s always best to read the comments and make sure of what I’m about to install. For those worried, AC to the rescue. Here is a few Anti-Virus options for all your security needs. Last two are some bigger names from the PC world.

NetQin Mobile Security
Kaspersky Mobile 9
last but not least Trend-Micro Mobile Anti-Virus

[via i4U]

  • CrapMan

    Its a little disingenuous to post such a fear inspiring article without providing more information or linking to information about the virus. This sounds more like an advertisement than any real threat.

  • AVmaker

    Sounds like AV vendors paying someone to develop viruses
    To make money.I’d be more worried about that!

  • RW-1

    Crap article. Post the apps that contain these or it is nothing more than a paid ad for that AV vendor

  • Sarah

    You are hurting the actual Android community by posting this un-sourced article. It’s irresponsible writing, as well.

    The source article IMPLIES that it could come from the Android Market but it doesn’t actually say that. There are no other sources on where this virus comes from except that the source article says the virus comes from an “internet download”

    So instead of warning people to watch out what they get from the Android Market and having people install these aggressive virus scanners, making their phones slower and ruining their Android experience, instead, tell people to stop downloading unsigned, unknown apks (apps) from the internet and stick to the Market.


  • wilmer000

    Please see Breaking news on BBC today. Does unsourced necessarily mean uninformed> It appears not…

  • wilmer000

    Please see Breaking news on BBC today. Does unsourced necessarily mean uninformed> It appears not…

  • wilmer000

    Please see Breaking news on BBC today. Does unsourced necessarily mean uninformed> It appears not…

  • Tom

    I have an lg ally. 2 days ago I was searching on the market and tried a few apps like astro android tools and super manager. Shortly after my phone app icons started to vibrate then the screen would vibrate the a number appeared in the background as all xs I deleted the number and then my ac plug in to the phone discharged not recharged my phone. Now as soon as I plug my phone into ac outlet my phone deletes contacts runs slow etc. I have tried all antivirus out there but thisvirus cones via electric transmission lines I am on my 3rd ac charger from walmart. They last about 3 days then start discharging my phone. My car charger is the only way I charge my phone and I have factory reset 4 times now. The phones are vulnerable! Don’t download those apps either. All I know is when I plug my phone in I can no longer access my wigits wallpaper and my screen goes nuts. Create an app fireall that protects plugging in the phone. Theh airplane mode had no effect. I am using car plugs from now on.

  • Android Apps

    Thank you sharing such great information . It will help me to keep my android phone safe from virus attacks.

  • Android Apps

    Nice post . I came to know how the malicious software could hack the private data and upload it on remote servers.