The AndroidSphere is all a twitter about the Android Toy that popped up as a prop on a scene of the CBS sitcom “The Big Bang Theory.”  But come on, iPhone pop culture references aside, could Sheldon Cooper be anything BUT an Android Fan?  It’s robots after all!

The scene is Sheldon is video chatting with his unofficially acknowledged girlfriend Amy Farrah Fowler.  Just to the right of his laptop, there’s a little green guy we all know and love.  Big Bang/Android fans can get their own version at AndroidSwag.

[via Droid Life]

  • Don’t they all use iPhones on the show?

  • Bluescreenjunky

    Nothing new, it’s always been on Sheldon’s desk :

    For exemple 2 months ago :

  • Kaue Lima13

    That’s the second time already =D The fisrt time was in ealry december but almost noone noticed…

  • Yourmom

    However, Sheldon has an Iphone.

  • download7

    the android toy is nice, but what irks me is that he traded an alienware gaming laptop for a shitty mac, a PC gamer doesn’t have a mac