Android is gaining ground in the tablet sector, according to a recent study by IDC. Though Apple remains the king of tablets, Android is growing rapidly, and eating into Apple’s dominance. Results from the third quarter of 2013 show overall sales are up, but Apple has leveled off.

Though Apple sold a whopping 14.1 million iPads during the quarter, those numbers were almost identical to this time last year. Though their overall numbers were up 0.6%, their overall marketshare fell to 29.6%. That stands as a troubling juxtaposition to the 40.2% marketshare they held last year.

With the proliferation of Android tablets, Apple was bound to see a dip in market share. Though the overall number is positive for Android, it’s really of little concern to Apple. Their sales are level, meaning they are treading water with nearly one-third of the market. That’s nothing to be concerned about.

Android tablets, however, mean great things for Google and their partners. Samsung is leading the Android pack with 20.4% of the market, up from 12.4% last year. Their sales of 9.7 million tablets meant they grew 123% over last year. Lenovo grew their sales of Android tablets by 420.7%, shipping 2.3 million devices. Asus held strong on the back of the Nexus 7 with 3.5 million tablets sold.

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    That is really great and I am happy for all Android tablet users… …until they realize there’s no way to track changes in documents, the most important function for collaborating in business environment (you know – contract proposals and so on…) and then they might realize something even more bitter: Google has free app for iPad which does track changes. Yep! It’s Quickoffice! But wait Android user! Don’t rush to Google Play to download it! Google prepared only watered down version for you – no tracking changes! Wanna real deal? Google says go and grab iPad! Silly? Maybe, but truth…

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      No one cares about that but you. Use an ipad. We will use our Nexus 7s.
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