The problem with turning kids loose on the Internet is manyfold for parents. Kids can purposely access content that is inappropriate for their age, and can accidentally access content that is inappropriate. Those facts make it very important for parents to be able to control what their kids do and see on the Internet.

A new Android-powered computer has turned up on Kickstarter called the MiiPC that allows parents to control what their kids do online. The big feature of the computer isn’t hardware, but a companion application that runs on Android devices and the iPhone allowing parents to see what their kids are doing online in real-time and control their access. The companion app allows multiple user profiles to be set up allowing different kids different levels of access.

The companion application also allows parents to control specific websites that kids can access and to limit the amount of time kids can spend on specific websites, such as Facebook. The computer itself is a basic Android device using a dual-core 1.2 GHz Marvell Armada processor with 1 GB of RAM. The machine has 4 GB of internal flash storage.

The MiiPC is also fitted with a memory card slot for storage expansion. Connectivity includes built-in Wi-Fi, Ethernet port, and Bluetooth 4.0. The computer has two USB 2.0 ports, inputs for speakers and a microphone, and an HDMI output supporting full HD resolution. A pledge of $89 will get you one of these little Android-powered computers with shipping expected to begin this summer. The project was seeking $50,000 and has currently raised over $51,000 with 44 days to go.

[via Kickstarter]

  • Aus379

    What is up with the manic fear that parents seem to experience that their poor baby might just want to watch some porn?
    Who cares?
    Let the poor little horny fucker.

    • qwertt

      And the result for allowing them to do so is having people like you..cursing without reason and showing ignorance. You definitely proved a point. (sarcasm)

      • Daniel

        Ignorant – Lacking in knowledge. Please explain to me where he was lacking knowledge. Also, how does porn have anything to do with cursing. People curse because people are just as fucking stupid as you and try to use words like ignorant when they have no fucking clue what it means. Also, don’t start a sentence with “and” dumb ass. GOOD DAY FAGGOT!

      • Easy guys… easy