It used to be that the “system-less root” approach could allow Android users to gain root access and do their tweaks, but still retaining use of secure payment features like Android Pay. Ordinarily, gaining root access would have meant forfeiting these features – they won’t work when device security is breached, as in gaining root. System-less root was a workaround for this, but only until yesterday, it seems.

A Reddit user “npjohnson1” reports that SafetyNet, the server-side security feature that checks for breaches in devices, now detects system-less root and has made Android Pay not usable. The user says that the Android Pay app will still open, still try to run a transaction, and even give you either a green light for transactions or an error message sometimes. But he assumes that SafetyNet has already detected system-less root on his Nexus 6P.


The user gives ideas on how the Android Pay app can be brought back to usage, and it involves going through a full UNROOT. This means losing your system-less root, and usage of all other apps and features that require root access.

It was good while it lasted, and it lasted for a good bit of time too. But this was bound to happen at one point in time or another. You will just have to weigh the advantages, and which features you want – root, or Android pay?

SOURCE: Reddit

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  • I wonder if this is what happened to Google when they were trying to pay their UK taxes…”oh snap, nfc is broked on my rooted nexus, here’s some £150M pocket change until I can get to an ATM”.

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