Microsoft is keeping quiet about sales figures of Windows Phone 7 devices, so we have to look to retailers for some actual numbers. UK retailer MobilesPlease has released data that shows early WP7 phone sales were “unusually disappointing,” going on to state that only 3-percent of the company’s sales were from Microsoft’s new mobile OS.

This amounts to Android outselling Windows Phone 7 devices by a ratio of 15:1 which is highly impressive, although not surprising. Even Symbian outsold the OS, with just one phone they managed to outsell it 3:1.

Now these results are only from one retailer, but MobilesPlease reached out to fellow retailers in the area, and although they were not given specific numbers, the other retailers simply stated that “Windows Phone 7 devices are not selling.”

So Android is growing in popularity, even with it’s new rival from Microsoft. With all of these impressive figures we keep seeing, it will not take long for Android to become the top mobile platform in the world.

[Via Electronista]

  • Mikey

    Not a surprise. I like Microsoft so I don’t have anything against WP7 (in fact, I love Windows 7), but as recent technology tends to show, the first ones into the market to make a good show will generally hold the market overall as people tend to hold onto their big priced items and not switch brands on a whim.

    The iPhone did great with this, but limited themselves only to AT&T (and their programming in general) and so didn’t capitalize on it.

    The Galaxy S, despite the iPhone being out for so long, jumped onto every single carrier they could, and their sales numbers are showing it. Its a great smartphone with an ever-growing and innovating app selection that has a very open file structure. I love it, and I see no reason to switch in the near future.

  • Emil Ghoting

    I agree this isn’t surprising but WP7 may pick up steam in about 6 months. People were hesitant with Android but once the app store started growing, users started jumping onboard.

  • Adam

    Way too early to compare sales. You shouldn’t write articles like this just so that you can promote Android.

  • iknowright

    I know, it’s too early. just to promote the android

  • I don’t think you can really use those figures properly given Windows 7 Phone hasn’t been on the market long at all.

    My cousin purchased a Windows 7 Phone and I’ve played with it and I have to say that the UI is extremely slick and well put-together, I’d say it tops Android in a lot of ways. Lets wait and see what the applications that get developed are like not just in functionality but also quality and aesthetics, after all, that’s what has really sold it for the iPhone.


  • mike

    Another microsoft failure…

    in fact, mobile computing was in microsoft’s business in the past 5-7 years?

    and they failed to do anything about it. windows 7 is not microsoft’s first entry to mobile market. rather reentry. so it is not a matter of maturity of their new product that says something,
    it is the maturity of the company in the said market. in fact, they did not mature at all.

    ps. not a fan of android either

  • Tracy

    Maybe you should look at first four weeks of Android sales at release to first 4 weeks of WP7 at release? Give WP7 time it will rock as exposure expands and more carriers and devices come to market. In my opinion WP7 is more appealing to me than Android!

  • Bookmark you blog , will be back again