Google didn’t see fit to sit around and watch all the other big tier companies wander casually onto Indian soil (You know, the country with the second largest population in the world) and take up all their possible mobile sales, so they’ve decided to do something about it. In an effort to broaden the Android user-base and push sales of Android equipped devices in India, Google has taken the initiative to open their first store in New Delhi’s Select CityWalk.

Although Androids have already been available in India for quite some time, they have not had a single fully dedicated Android location. With Google entering, and supposedly seeking a location the size of 1200-1500 square feet in the CityWalk, it would seem that they themselves are starting to take India seriously as a viable market for Android equipped phones.

Previously, Google did enter Jakarta Indonesia with the Android Nation Store. In that location, the sales of Android devices and accessories have done very well. It’s within Google’s best interests to keep developing growth in these markets – therefore India is the second country to get a fully independent Android Nation store.

The Android Nation Store itself will sell everything from Samsung, to HTC, Sony, and Asus. Its style will emulate that of the actual Android figure, being a bulbous green and white type design (should it emulate Jakarta’s interior design). The store will also have staff to help potential clients choose the right phone, answer questions, and help procure software updates.

SOURCE: India Times

  • Bring these stores to the USA

  • googlre10

    interesting.. way to go Google…

  • I wonder why it took this much time for Google to understand this need of Indian Android users

    • AltayKai

      Want to know why? Because Indians are annoying people. Cheap skaters and noisy animals. Thats why people dont want to work with your kind. Its vomiting.

      • I’m not gonna reply in the same way as you did because that makes no difference between us!! Indian is the country of great men like Mahatma Gandhi who taught us the value of peace. India being a very large country with a vast cultural diversity may have people as you said, but don’t put everyone in the same list. Don’t ever judge the nature of any country keeping the nature of it’s minority in mind. Even your country might have people like that…….

      • AltayKai

        Mahatma Ghandi? The gay? Lets not start about that guy. He is a hypocritical person and he knows it. You better continue worshiping filthy monkies instead of Allah.