So you’ve in the jailbreak mood and you’ve got a hankering for a job that requires not only hacks of your device on the inside, but physical changes on your outside as well. How about a Logitech Revue jailbreak, one that requires a NAND format, a soldering iron, and a completely virgin device – aka one that’s never even been POWERED ON before? Sounds like a challenge to me.

Check out this video and the rest of the instructions on GTVHacker for a thirteen-steep workthrough for you to get the Android Marketplace working on your Revue. This is a HIGH RISK procedure as you’re going to have to physically crack the case, download and install custom firmware, and get your Android Market on, additionally stopping those television network blockages you’ve grown to tisk. Check out the video below and the Steps to Get Root on GTVHacker.

[Via Engadget]

  • Joel V

    I really can’t see why anyone would want to jailbreak their Logitech Revue. It has enough features on it, and the Android Market on it seems kind of pointless when it is more or less designed for smartphones. I don’t see the point in ruining a $299 piece of technology. I purchased my Logitech Revue from DISH Network (I do work for them) for $179, and even though its cheaper, I still think that it is pointless to ruin it for one application add on. I am perfectly happy with my Revue and that is why I bought it, so I can do what it was designed for.

  • 10 year user of Dish.

    So you work for dish? Can you ask them why I paid them to have my L revue and still I cant see dish anytime? Why is this so hard? Why cant us owners root them? I love my revue and hate the fact that I cant use it when i want. Dish? please allow us customers that bought the revue FROM DISH to use it with dishanywhere? Why is this so hard to do? PLEASE!

  • 10 year user of Dish.

    Make the widevine ap work with the cpu thats in our L revue instead of “logitech revue” if thats a problem. I bought them from you Dish. I love the revue and mine works great except for the stuff that is made NOT to work with it. HBOGO used to work with it but not with dishanywhere. I told dish this and a month later HBOGO stopped working with the revue. I think Dish got mad about this and then made HBOGO make the Revue NOT to work. Dish guys can’t make it work for them so no one should be allowed too. I have not bought anything from Logitech since they screwed us with the revue, and I wont in the future either. If Logitech can do this with the revue why wont they do it with anything and everything they build. I say all L. Revue owners should refuse to buy Logitech until the revue is opened up and rooted so we dont have to throw it away. Soon I will be off of dish network stuff too. I cannot support a company that has done what these companies have done. Power to the people.