The IDC has released its 2013 second quarter smartphone market report and the numbers tilt heavily in favor of Android, which has acquired 79.3% of the market share. IDC warns, however, that Android shouldn’t let its guard down as Apple’s iPhone could still reclaim some part of that pie when the next iteration of the smartphone is released later this year.

According to the figures released by IDC, the global number of smartphone shipments have gone up 51.3% from 156.2 million units in Q2 2012 to 236.4 million in Q2 2013. Android makes up a large majority of these shipments at 79.3% with iOS far behind with 13.2%. Samsung leads the Android pack, followed by LG, Lenovo, Huawei, and ZTE, in order. Together, these five vendors make up 62.5% of the total Android smartphone shipments.


This is no reason for Android advocates to become lax, however. Although Apple’s share has fallen over the year, it is mostly because there has been no new model announced since the iPhone 5 was released last year. But there is a certain “cyclicality” to the iPhone, according to IDC, which means that we can expect a sudden surge in Apple’s numbers when the rumored “iPhone 5S” and a new iOS is announced this year.

As for the other smartphone OS, Windows Phone is surprisingly doing well, managing to wrestle the third spot from Blackberry OS. Unsurprisingly, Nokia, who has a sweet partnership with Microsoft, is the top Windows Phone vendor. Blackberry, who has dropped to fourth place, has a lot of damage control to do and only time will tell if its new BB 10 platform and devices will be enough to pull it up.

VIA: SlashGear

  • mdc™ me.local

    Think again and don’t spread nasty rumors. That is bad for the people.

    Say, read this one instead. Its more independent and full of real data.

    Change “,” on appleinsider,com, to period to bring up the web site. It will give you more specific information that just rumors.


    • wormcat

      Apple should watch out for Lenovo and Asus as these two companies are building up their mobile eco system which obviously includes tablets. History will repeat as the once “giant” take hits from all directions, but this time from the tablet market.

      My dear, the smartphone and tablet market is already at the maturity stage. Apple lost it’s competitiveness once it is long gone the early adopter and growth stage.

      Apple may show some pinch in the India market which is the hardest to penetrate technological market in Asia. However, it is actually Lenovo who is able to get into this market more exclusively with their price penetration. Apple products are just too costly. Undesirable in the mind of the smart price awareness Indians.