Nielsen tracks just about every market there is to track in the tech world. The company tracks the smartphone and mobile market to see what OS is the most popular and show what devices are selling the best. The company has published a new report on the smartphone market and the report has Android sales slowing.

According to the report, the sales of Android smartphones have stalled this year. At the same time, the report claims that iPhone sales are growing significantly. Apple’s share of the smartphone market has grown from 10% of all new smartphone purchases to 17% of smartphone purchases this year. The company also notes that smartphones as a whole are doing very well this year.

Smartphone sales so far in 2011 have been greater than the sales of feature phones. I would imagine much of that is thanks to the lower prices of some smartphones on the market. Apple is selling the older version of the iPhone via AT&T for $49 making it a big contender in the cheap phone market. There are also several bargain Android offerings too.

[via BusinessInsider]



  • Anonymous

    Amazing how when Apple is stagnant its because everybody is waiting on the new iPhone. But nobody can ever be waiting on something like the Galaxy S II. I know I am. Regardless wake me when its across two more companies that find these same results. Comscore certainly hasn’t. And Google isn’t just going to lie about activating 500,000 devices a day. 

  • Anonymous

    ….glad someone actually took some time and broke down the report to expose the misleading info.

  • diokan

    How many of these iphone purchases are current Apple iphone users fleeing AT&T to go to Verizon?