In the wake of their double-device launch, Apple has achieved a market share of 40% among all OEMs. Their iOS is also gaining ground while Android falters slightly in regard to overall adoption, according to comScore. The research also noted that 145 million Americans owned smartphones, which they attribute as 60.8% of the eligible population. That’s a jump of 3% since May of this year.

Apple continues to deepen the divide between themselves and all other mobile OEMs, controlling 40.7% of the market, while Samsung is a distant second with 24.3%. Easily the largest Android manufacturer, Samsung has a commanding lead on nearest rival HTC, which held on with 7.4%. Motorola checks in with 6.9%, and LG rounds out the top five with 6.7%.

When it comes to operating systems, comScore reports that Android is still in the lead with 51.6%, though that’s a drop of 0.8% since May. Apple’s 40.7% is a leap of 1.5% since earlier this year. Blackberry is in third place with 4%, though they fell 0.8% since the last poll. Microsoft’s Windows platform is fourth with 3.2%, and Symbian still makes an appearance with 0.3%. Of the bottom three, Microsoft was the only platform gaining ground with a 0.2% increase.


Some of this can probably be attributed to Apple’s recent launch of two devices, and the enthusiasm surrounding the iPhone 5C. A well designed strategy by Apple, the 5C essentially takes the iPhone 5 and rebrands it anew, while the flagship 5S retains its panache. With lines around the block for both devices, their increase undoubtedly had many upgrading from feature phones or switching platforms.

Android currently holds a juxtaposition to the Apple fervor over their launch, as much of the tech world holds out to find what the newest Nexus device will bring, as well as what actual improvements come of Android 4.4 KitKat. We’ve seen plenty of rumors, but as always, wait for official word before getting too excited.

The Android-iOS dominance continues stateside, as the two platforms make up a commanding 92.3% of the mobile market. With Blackberry bowing out of the consumer market, and Windows making an investment in Nokia, it could be very interesting moving forward.

VIA: The Next Web

  • hohopig

    haha, only in USA my man, only in USA, like so many other things (weird ones especially) 😛

  • Dangleesak79

    The survey was based off of only 30,000 subscribers….

  • jisukkang

    The article is plainly incorrect – the survey was for the month ending August, before iPhone 5s launch.So it is most impressive for Apple as a matter of fact.

  • JayQ330

    Apple always makes a leap when releasing a phone & in reality it’s the only time they’ve been making a leap in the last 3 years. When they release a phone they all come & buy but android sells all tear round & will keep it in the lead for a long time, or maybe it is simple; apple could just keep doing what great artist do & keep “borrowing or parenting ideas that keep pong out since the 1800’s & sending there money over seas in order not to pay taxes *Google that* anyway lg stole allot of Samsung’s thunder this year which lead to less thanrecord sales… But I think once lg with its G2 & Google’s nexus provided by LG, it will be the new android phone & record sales will improve as Samsung’s gs3 did. Oh & a 0.8 decrease its so pathetic to tell’n crow about that it shows a new level of desperation to prove whatever it is. And go ahead & say *oh,oh! In business & corporate numbers a 0.8 is allot* & I’ll say yes it does to stock holders & greedy pathetic’s. But not in real life.