Android Destroys Apple Logo in Short 3D Animation

January 19, 2011

This is one of those things that's not especially important to the evolution of Android's mobile OS or it's actual sales war with iOS, but heck, a 3D Android getting put together by other robots then turning around to destroy an Apple logo - that's just entertaining. Currently this guy by the YouTube name of saintmichaelsarmoury is attempting to see if he can turn this into a useable boot animation, but he's a self-proclaimed n00b.

This project was created by that guy, saintmichaelsarmoury, who is a TA for a 3D class at Platt College in San Diego California. This project was made as an example of what to do for a project they were about to do that involved animated logos. Cute!

[Thanks for the Tip, Mike!]

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