Android Destroys Apple Logo in Short 3D Animation

January 19, 2011

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This is one of those things that's not especially important to the evolution of Android's mobile OS or it's actual sales war with iOS, but heck, a 3D Android getting put together by other robots then turning around to destroy an Apple logo - that's just entertaining. Currently this guy by the YouTube name of saintmichaelsarmoury is attempting to see if he can turn this into a useable boot animation, but he's a self-proclaimed n00b.

This project was created by that guy, saintmichaelsarmoury, who is a TA for a 3D class at Platt College in San Diego California. This project was made as an example of what to do for a project they were about to do that involved animated logos. Cute!

[Thanks for the Tip, Mike!]

[youtube l-zLjjgweVE]

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