Android Community Google Cr-48 Giveaway REMINDER

December 15, 2010

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Incase you're unaware, we're running a contest to give away five Google Chrome OS Cr-48 notebooks and you're invited to win! These notebooks aren't going to hit the market until the middle of next year so this is your only way to grab a notebook for your own right this minute (other than the pilot testing program, of course.) But you just want one to chill and rock on, yes? Two Android Community members (and THREE over at SlashGear) are going to be able to win, the first drawing to be done on Friday December 17 at midnight PST!

To take part, all you have to do is sign up as an Android Community member and reply to this post saying why you want a Cr-48 notebook, then send out the following message via Twitter:

Google Cr-48 @androids Giveaway:

The first winner for Android Community will be picked at random on Friday December 17 at midnight PST, and the second on Sunday December 19 at midnight PST. Unfortunately, due to the terms of Google’s pilot scheme, only US entrants can be accepted. Good luck! ALSO remember that if you don't win the first time, you'll still be eligible for the next!


Competition is open to residents of the US over the age of 18. Family members of Google and SlashGear/Android Community are not permitted to enter. Competition entries are only accepted via the specified Android Community post; entries left in the comments section of any other post will not be recognized. One entry per person (and yes, we check). Winners of the Android Community Cr-48 giveaway are ineligible to win the SlashGear Cr-48 giveaway, and vice-versa.

The winners will be announced on Android Community and contacted via email or board message; they will be expected to respond within 24 hours else their prize may be forfeit and another winner selected. Editors decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into. Winner agrees that their name and details of their entry may be used for promotional purposes by, but not limited to, Google and Android Community.

Prize consists of two Google Cr-48 notebooks to be shared between two winners. There is no cash alternative. Should this prize become unavailable, Android Community and Google reserve the right to substitute another prize of equal or greater value.

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  • jokerman

    time for a new laptop

  • garrett

    I want one because I love everything about google and am a huge technology freak. I love everything tech.

  • st1rguy

    Chrome OS looks really neat, It would be cool to play around with an early version of it.

  • I will use it to post on my new blog that you help me find today AC, with this google laptop!

  • My Samsung Galaxy phone needs a laptop mate to plug into! 🙂 Google me this!

  • Steven Tomaszewski

    I really like Google products and am excited to try out this notebook. My goal would be to do a Demo Slam with the Cr-48!

  • Greg

    I have been using Google’s cloud services, GMail, and Google Docs for years now. The CR-48 will def help me finish my PhD dissertation!

  • I want one so I can see if it will blend…


    Just kidding.

  • Xp3r7

    Because I dont have a laptop at all and would love for this to be my 1st!

  • Thunderclaww

    I want one to see if I can completely go Google and rely on the cloud for my day to day usage.

  • mZimm

    I want to live life in the clouds.

  • essenceoftao

    …i’d be the coolest guy at the bar…

  • FoxFire720

    I can’t think of a single thing in my life that Google hasn’t touched yet. Having my life completely in the cloud would just make helping me glorious googley overlords master plan one step easier.

  • The answer to why I would like this laptop is: 42. That is the answer.

  • Anthony

    I missed out on another of these earlier, hoping to get one now

  • Kenneth Gates

    Wow, really. I have used all types of Operating systems, from the Commodore VIC 20, Amiga, Atari Computer, Tandy’s, IBM’s, Linux, Windows, Mac, I would love to get my hands on The Google Chrome OS. I hope I win!!!

  • Doug Fiedor

    I could sure use one!

  • kylebop

    who doesn’t want one?! I miss my other netbook I had to sell.


  • Jdmtunerguy like i want one because its Chrome. And its fast, and i like fast. I want to see th enew generation of fast and experience!! muahahahahaha. 🙂
    perfect plot for my evil!

    anyways..i logged in i think..
    my androidcommunity thing is jdmtunerguy and so is my twitter 🙂

  • Nancy

    My tiny netbook screen is really annoying when I try to study off of it for college >.<

  • Paaras

    I hope that my really cool name will earn me a CR-48! I live within my chrome window all day; this would be the ultimate machine. I can’t wait to test it out, make some apps, and maybe even do a little bit of hacking on it (install ubuntu, but just for the fun of it!).

  • crazyyankeefan`

    chrome OS looks like a very nice system. would like to give it a try

  • Lauren

    I would love a cr-48 because, I love google, and I would love to test out the new notebook! I spend the majority of my time on the internet & would love it to be on your notebook!

  • CJ

    I’m in!

  • I want a cr-48 pretty please

  • i’d really like to see if i can run my entire business in the cloud.

    i know my head it there most of the time, so why not have a laptop with me while i’m there.

    maybe i’ll be more productive and sell a few more homes before the new year!

    happy holidays android community,

  • Teri Kurzen

    Besides the fact that I’m a geek-wanna-be (and who would ever admit that?)…I really love everything Google and totally NEED this computer. On my last laptop purchase several years back, I decided to go with Acer so I could have a bunch of “extras” without the cost…apparently without the customer service either 🙁 I also went with the AMD Turion to see if it performed better than Intel w/o the quirks. I even set-up auto Windows Update for the XP OS and it ran beautifully until the SP3. Apparently, it shouldn’t have been released to any AMD processors…u think they’d know that and write that into the update. It’s been trippin’ ever since!
    Well 2 weeks ago, after several months of periodic fritzin’ my integrated vidcard took a dump…the computer starts up with 3 beeps but NO SCREEN! I am soooo not a Mac and don’t ever plan to be…but I really need a break from Windows right now. Rescue Me Google, like you always do!!!
    C-Ya Round, Teri 🙂

  • james

    i want one pleaseeeee…i have such an outdated laptop and i love google to the fullest..if i could have one of these it would totally rock and i have never won anything so that would be a total plus!

  • SL

    This is just what I’ve been waiting for to make the move to android, a computer running a compatible operating system (no 3rd party nonsense). Thanks for the chance to move to android before mid 2011.

  • I use GMAIL, Google Docs, Google Reader, Google, Checkout, and a ton of other Google products as well as the Android Phone (Samsung Vibrant). Would love to also use the Google Chrome OS on a CR-48 laptop!

  • I have been drooling over these cr-48’s ever since i watched the live stream of the announcement. Unfortunately Google hasn’t picked me from the pilot program. To say that i would love a CR-48 would be an understatement. I’ve been getting by without a laptop for monetary reasons, but man could i use one. A Cr-48 would be perfect!

    Thank you for the opportunity to enter the drawing.

  • MG

    I want one because i like google products and i also like to find flaws in the OS it sounds cold but i like to nitpick at times and googles OS probably needs alot of that

  • Preston Smith

    I would use this new laptop to develop more android apps and to help keep track of events and other info for Utah Gardens

  • Rowskey

    CR-48 looks very interesting, I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on one.

  • hey1o

    Google is clearly made up of geniuses, the amount of geek hype they’ve managed to generate is insane, the entire Cr-48 story could be a business school case study.
    And yet, I really really want one!!!

  • Schmidty

    This would be a drastic improvement over my ancient Gateway. Thanks for the chance to own it!

    I registered.

  • Joe

    This CR-48 looks like it would be a good piece of new technology to get my hands on. I love Google and their products and I would like to add this to my collection.

  • My Laptop was just stolen out of my hands on the street. (Received a nice black eye because of it) I am also jobless and can now only use my home pc. I couldn’t imagine the strength this black stealth CR-48 would give me the next time someone tried to pry it from me.

  • My dear wife evaluated a T-Mo Galaxy Tab for two weeks, but found it not quite the right form factor. She doesn’t exactly envy my rooted G1 with Chromatic 4.5, but does have a company phone and doesn’t truly need another phone number. She really just wants a channel for personal e-mail, Facebook, news and traffic maps on the bus and at work; Chrome OS would totally hit that mark, and a Cr-48 would do very nicely for the next nine months or so, thank you!

  • I’ve played around early builds of Chrome OS and it definitely seems promising. I’d use it mostly to play around with writing HTML5 games.

  • I want to check out the new google os. Plus I need a laptop to take to CES to write about my experience.

  • Maff

    “you’re invited to win!”
    “only US entrants can be accepted.”
    So the majority of readers aren’t invited to win at all, why not put the disclaimer near the top?

  • Stone

    about a month ago my 10 year old got up to do me a favor but the power cord got hooked on her shoe, it tumbled off the stand and broke the AC jack. She’s been without a computer ever since.

  • I want to Google-fy my life, and harness the power of the cloud!

    Please pick me!

  • mithrl

    I’d love to have one! I am an avid Google fan(boy) and a seasoned netizen who loves computers. While one reason I want one is that these computers are really, really cool, I also would be able to use it on campus for all of my computing needs. I’m a huge nerd and would be able to use the chromebook to its fullest potential.

  • Jocelyn Miller

    My laptop is a hunk of junk. The battery doesn’t even work. I don’t even know what I’d do with 8 hours of battery life. Let’s hope I’m the lucky one!

  • Todiyo

    Simply put? I love Google products. I had a G1 from day 1 and it’s been so cool experiencing its evolution from conception (i remember the market having only 20 apps..!)
    I’m a student who uses Google Docs, Calendar, Contacts, Blogger, Reader, and recently, Books pretty often. I’ve been really interested in in Chrome OS since it was first demoed. I’d love to be part of the pilot!

  • The cr-48 would compliment my rooted Evo 🙂

  • Jokireily

    As a big fan of not doing evil, I’d love to have the honor of being one of the first testers! I am currently stuck with a laptop so slow and weak, it can hardly run Pinball, let alone any other games or applications. This would be a welcome rescue from my dial-up speed OS. Please and thank you, tweeting now!

  • Chris

    I want my “cr-48” LOL

  • Jennifer Folker

    I would love a CR-48 for my son who really needs one for school!

  • I want one! And if I win won I’ll donate $200 to habitat for humanity.

  • I’ve been actively trying to move off Windows and other poor OS’es, even to the point of trying to transition to Ubuntu. But Chrome OS would be far better; everything I do is online anyhow, this would make it so much easier!

  • I’ve owned a G1, MT3G, and now a Samsung Vibrant. I’ve stayed loyal to Google since my first gmail address back in 2000. I’ve rooted phones, played with Google Android SDK, messed around trying to create an app just to learn the language, and even configured my PC to dual boot Chrome OS when the first leaks came out. I refuse to buy an iPad because I’m waiting for an Android tablet. But now that Chrome OS is “officially” out, what better way to carry my Google legacy than with this shiny brand new netbook!!

    In the words of Donkey from Shrek – ooo! oo! Pick me! Pick me!

  • xandr00

    I want one for school so I can go around and Google docs this and Google spreadsheet that. I also want to start reviewing tech products and create a YouTube account. :]

  • I want a CR-48, because ridding they keyboard of caps lock was the best thing Google has ever done.

  • Matt Brodeur

    I’m dying to get one of these. After playing around with Hexxeh’s build on my wife’s Asus eeePC I want to see how it is on the hardware Google intended.!/mattb5/status/15412017619795970

  • Ward

    I think I should get one so I can put ice cream on it like the girl in the video. That’s really it.

  • Jimmy Buck

    I spend 99% of my time on the computer using web apps. This notebook would be perfect for me when traveling.!/jimmy_buck/status/15419701718945792

  • Win Win!

  • Tom

    I would love to win this CR-48, since getting my first Android phone, I have been hoping to move away from the windows platform, maybe this would help my transition.

  • BruceCLin

    I need a notebook that boots fast.

  • Jason

    I would love to try the new Chrome notebook and cloud computing. I would love to use only google and no microsoft or apple. Thanks for the giveaway.

  • Isaac Moore

    I want a Chrome OS notebook because I love Google.

  • samblackjack

    I want one to see if it can replace my laptop since I already use Google Apps for everything. I think the biggest market for these Chrome OS netbooks would be institutions and organizations who’ve “gone Google”.

  • Jason England

    I want the chrome notebook because my laptop has died, and paying off my mom’s medical bills leaves me no money to buy a new one.

  • Bulletproofheeb

    I’m generally an early adopter and am looking for a replacement for my hulking laptop. Google’s blown me away with Android and I’d love a chance to try out Chrome.

  • Clayton

    I’d love to be able to use google voice on the go. At this moment I’m lacking any form of portable wifi internet.

  • Mileswantstowin

    Would really like a chance to win this laptop. Thanks!

  • Patrick b.

    I want and probably deserve this notebook cuz I’m a crazy google fan. I got the G1 the week it came out. I got the mytouch 3G the week it came out. And when google was just handing out the nexus1. I couldn’t get a single one, because of course when the mytouch came out I had to get it. But just two weeks later the nexus was sold @ Sooo as soo as I get the money for it. They discontinue the first iPhone killer. That’s all I got. Oh and my T-mobile comet is having a few problems. But it’s ok.


  • Jonah L.

    Well mostly because if Google was a female I would marry her and be soooo happy

  • Sarah F

    I want to win one go badly, I am a die hard Google fan! I’ve wanted one since the moment they came out but money is an issue. I heart Google!

  • walrus

    I want one!

  • Carlota

    My husband is currently deployed and in civilian life is a network security specialist. He is badly in need of a new laptop, which unfortunately just isn’t in the budget. So it would be awesome to win a CR-48 for him as he misses technology a lot these days.

  • Kay S.

    I want a bigger screen to play wordfeud. Feed my addiction! Also, my netbook sucks to share, since both notebooks in this house are crazy outdated.

  • James Barre

    I have made a miniature robot which is controlled by everything in the cloud, having a Google Chrome netbook, I want to see if I can run everything in the cloud and enable me to run my operations when I travel. Having everything on the go would be perfect for me to save carry hard-disks, USB and other gadgets.

  • Rope

    I want to find out just how good the Chrome OS really is. Is it robust or will it bog down with surfing too many sites at once.

  • withoutpeer

    I want the CR-48 because I loves me some google. And I’ll loves me some androidcommunity if you hook me up with a chrome notebook!

  • Craig Puchta

    I’m in desperate need of a new computer and since I use it for online/browser only, well this would be perfect! Plus, to get in on a pilot program, woohoo!

  • Art

    I’d love the CR-48 to sample the latest Google innovation!

    twitter: merlin32122

  • Maria

    I would love to be part of the new technology and to be able to contribute!!! Thanks!

  • OK, Why would I love to win the Chrome OS? I’m 50, recently got into techy stuff to keep up with my very smart 11 yr old son.(There’s too much on the web they can get into.) Since then I have become an android junkie! I own the EVO 4G and really love it. Learning all the new technology has become a passion for my son and I and has given us a fun past time! Thanks for all yur posts.

  • Zach

    I could really use a new notebook… I WANT A CHROME NOTEBOOK

  • Chad D

    This would be a great notebook for my travels!

  • Jimmie L

    Would love to shove the Google Cr-48 in all of the fanboi’s faces! iOS sux!!

  • Abraham

    Testing it is a first. Then using it for college is a second. And communicating with my coworkers and family is the third,

  • Insight Spinner

    I missed the first drawing, but am going for the second! I would like a Chrome laptop because I am a Google Fangirl and therefore must have one. And I cracked the screen on my netbook and need a new laptop for my business, which is mostly in the cloud. And I’m an old lady and you should honor your elders!

  • Ryan

    I’d like a Cr-48 because of two reasons; 1) because I would enjoy having a chance to help the Google team with an incredible program, and 2) because I love Google, use most (if not all) Google products, and would love to have a computer that I can take with me and use with all of my other Google stuff. Sounds silly, but it’s true. 🙂

    twitter: kc0wir

  • I didn’t win the first one but I would be forever grateful and eternally thankful to win this cr48. My laptop is literally on it’s last 9% and no longer charges. I have no problem being an early adopter and working in the cloud. Thanks for the contest and the consideration. “If you’re not first you’re last!”

  • I would love to own one of the CR-48s being given away because I really can’t stand my old laptop and my wife uses it more than I do. I would use a CR-48 for my college work, podcasting and blogging for Having everything cloud-based would be important for me for my IT classes, so I don’t lose anything. I am a beginning Linux user and this would be a great way for me to get my hands on learning with Google’s version of Linux. I’ve also been disgusted by all the people who’ve received these CR48’s and their complaining online about how they work and how they compare to their “preferred laptop”. There’s an old saying that I think most of the IT community needs a refresher on – never look a gift horse in the mouth.

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