An awesome new game has just cruised into the Google Play Store and NVIDIA TegraZone and it's called Beach Buggy Blitz from Vector Unit. If that sounds familiar it's because they brought us two addicting racing games in Riptide GP and Shine Runner. Yesterday this awesome game was released and to help celebrate we are doing another one of our awesome Tegra tablet giveaways thanks to NVIDIA and Vector Unit. Read on below for your chance at a Nexus 7 tablet or the ASUS Transformer Prime and keyboard dock.

Just like a few other awesome games as of late this awesomely addicting game with fun levels and lifelike graphics is an exclusive to the NVIDIA Tegra 3 set of devices. Using the power of the Tegra 3 the graphics come to life, water ripples across your screen and the entire environment is destructible and amazing. The game is essentially something like Mario Kart for mobile only the graphics are better, the music is fun and upbeat, and you can play for hours on the couch. The developers from Vector Unit describe this awesome game as this:

Drive your hot-rod beach buggy as far as you can into the uncharted depths of a mysterious tropical island. Swerve and smash through a gorgeously detailed and completely destructible world packed with Tiki statues, grass shacks, giant crabs and lava monsters. Explore sun-swept beaches, secret cave shortcuts, fog-shrouded swamps and temples, and erupting volcanoes in an action-packed quest of discovery and mayhem!"

Sounds pretty fun right? Before we get started on the Giveaway details you'll want to take a peek at our hands-on video with Beach Buggy Blitz below.

[vms cf426067cfd2246bb5ff]

The game is available right this minute over at the Google Play Store, and the NVIDIA TegraZone as usual. If you are interested you'll want to run down and give it a try today. Then for those that don't have a Tegra 3 device to enjoy this awesome new NVIDIA exclusive we'll be giving away three brand new tablets.

Yup, you have a chance at one of 3 tablets this week. We will be offering up two Google Nexus 7 16GB tablets, as well as one ASUS Transformer Prime and keyboard dock combo to give to a few lucky readers. If you've been eying an Android tablet you can't go wrong with a Tegra 3 powered one so take a chance and enjoy the giveaway by following the details below.

It's quite simple - all you've got to do is show your NVIDIA love:

1. Head to [this Android Community forums post] -- and if you don't yet have an account, register here.

2. Comment on your favorite NVIDIA Tegra 2 or Tegra 3 device on the market, your favorite TegraZone game, or a game you'd love to see come to Android. These can be games and devices that are out now or will be out soon - and you can find a vast collection of both [here in our Tegra hub] and be sure to say WHY you love or want it!

3. Sit back and cross your fingers!

This giveaway starts on Friday, September 7th, 2012 and runs until Friday, Sept. 14th at midnight. We'll pick a collection of our favorite entries and from that set we'll choose three winners at random - we'll announce the winners on Monday, September 17th in the forums and right here in this original giveaway post!

Update: Winners picked! Hit the forums to see if you're a lucky winner!

Competition is open to residents of the US only, over the age of 18. One entry per person. Family members of NVIDIA, ASUS, Google, Vector Unit, and SlashGear/Android Community are not permitted to enter. Competition entries are only accepted via the specified Android Community forum post; entries left in the comments section of this or any other post will not be recognized.

The winners will be contacted by an Android Community/SlashGear staff member IN THE FORUMS upon being selected and will be expected to respond to that staff member; they will be expected to respond within 24 hours else their prize may be forfeit and another winner selected.

Editors decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into. Winners agree that their name and details of their entry may be used for promotional purposes by, but not limited to Android Community, SlashGear, NVIDIA, and Vector Unit.

Prizes consist of two 16GB Google Nexus 7 tablets, and a Transformer TF201 Prime tablet and keyboard and that's it! There are no other alternative for prize winners unless this prizes become unavailable, in which case Android Community reserves the right to substitute another prize of equal or greater value. Giveaway provided by SlashGear/Android Community. Prizes provided by NVIDIA and Vector Unit. Any questions regarding this giveaway should be directed to giveaway [AT]

  • topdwgz

    I have never had a tablet let alone one running android os and highend video chip
    to maybe use as on the fly/in the field picture and video editing then to wind down play cool graphics games.

  • Nick V

    truthfully, any device made by Asus is going to be superb. I have gotten bot my son and wife the original transformer with dock, and it is awesome. the Nexus 7 looks to be the perfect size for reading, which i love to do.

    The first game i would get would definitely br Dark Meadow. With tge Tegra 3, the graphics will be out of this world.

  • Vector Unit is amazing! Riptide GP takes me back to the days of Hydro Thunder and I’m totally missing out by playing games like this on my HTC Incredible (og). Would love to play Dark Meadow, as well as use the new tablet as a learning device for my 2 year old. My favorite tegra device is the Nexus 7 by the looks of it, combine this with awesome games from devs like Vector Unit and portable gaming has hit a new high!!!

  • Vincent_landeros

    I want the Transformer Prime! Yes I do!!

  • liveTexas

    I’d be more than happy with Any Asus Android Tablet.I LOVES me my Vanilla Android and since Asus is thisclose to Vanilla as you can get … well… I still would prefer the Transformer! Please? ??…!

  • Ive been a huge fan of the nexus 7.small form factor trumps a bigger screen for me. Dark medows in something truely handheld should be great to.

  • KenZ33

    The nexus 7 is by far the coolest because it focuses on the needs for tablets – screen and processing. And doesn’t waste time with multiple cameras.

  • cmehammer1

    I have no favorite game, yet! But as soon as I get one of those bad boy tablets( I am not fussy) I’m there!!

  • Currently, in my opionion, the best device out there with a Tegra SOC is the Nexus 7 tablet. Here are the reasons:

    1.) It’s 200 bucks. There is no other tablet that can come close to this price point without sacrificing either the screen, or processing power.

    2.) It’s running Pure Android. This means there isn’t a bloated version of TouchWiz or Sense to bog the device down. This in combination with a quad core processor means nothing can come close to the amount of speed this tablet has to offer.

    3.) It’s a Nexus branded device. Everyone who has ever owned a device that didn’t have the word “Nexus” on it knows that software updates take FOR EVER to compile, test, and roll out, because they have to put manufacturer designed skins on top of Android. No thanks… I’ll stick with Nexus branded devices from here on out.

  • Drew Lambert

    Good job Jose taking all the good answers! He pretty much nailed all the reasons to own a Nexus 7 which I would agree is the best Tegra equipped device. I would mirror everything that he stated plus add the fact that you get access to the Tegra Zone. I’m a pretty big gamer so this is kind of major to me. There are so many great games that are not only exclusive to Tegra devices, but also look so much better graphically. Take the recently released Horn for example. It simply looks amazing on Tegra 3 devices! Its a showcase for what a Tegra powered device and an Android device can do. We need games like that and devices like the Nexus 7 so developers can take Android gaming to the next level. The textures, shadow and light effects as well as particle effects are top notch. That’s just one of the awesome games available in the Tegra Zone. There’s an entire catalog of sweet games to enjoy.

    So for me that reason alone makes the Nexus 7 not only the best Tegra equipped device but the best overall tablet to own right now period. I need this device in my life man!

  • Sean Shanahan

    The Nexus 7 has to be the best tablet I’ve ever used, hands down.
    It has awesome speed, razor-sharp screen quality, and best of all, it’s pure Android. No skins in the way.

  • Cr-apple….cr-apple… something smells like rotten apple ‘s… oh, it’s it those during iPads?:-)

  • Jeziel Garcia


  • Carmen Johnson