Android 5.0 prematurely outed by Galaxy Note II tipster

March 18, 2013

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Remember when I said that Samsung Galaxy Note II users are getting a plethora of good news today? Well add this onto the list. A Note II tipster has leaked an Android OS update schedule for several devices. Under the "To get Android 5.0" list, it shows that Samsung Galaxy Note II and Note II LTE owners will be updated to Android's latest OS in the future. Unfortunately the same can't be said for its predecessor, the original Samsung Galaxy Note.

While many of us already assumed that the device would be seeing Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie, it's still nice to get some sort of confirmation. Samsung Galaxy S III and Samsung Galaxy S III LTE owners should also rejoice because they've made the list as well. Of course Samsung has to upgrade the S III, or else it'll have about 50 million angry S III users attacking them with hate mail and complaints.

Also on the list is the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 tablets, and the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 and GALAXY S 4 devices. So what will happen to the owners with the original Note and Galaxy S II devices? You won't be upgraded to Android 5.0 (at least not officially), but your devices will be be updated to the latest Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean update in the future.

The tipster also stated that this is only a pre-list and more devices could be added in the future. There is also a good chance Samsung will make an announcement for these devices during May's Google I/O conference. So along with receiving the Android 4.1.2 update today (or soon at least), and T-Mobile Note II users getting their LTE chips activated, Note II users will also have Android 5.0 to look forward to.

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  • Todd Martineau

    Oh man, I almost can’t take this. So today it is announced that the Samsung SIII will be getting Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie. I guess I wasn’t expecting that. Why not?

    1. Well, we’ve already gotten updated from Ice Cream Sandwich to Jelly Bean [4.1.1]. (That has to count for something.)

    2. We’ve been promised that we would get the Premium Suite Update [4.1.3?]. (Where the heck is that by the way?)

    3. We’ve been promised that we’ll get the S4 software updates [4.2.0?]. (Not expecting to see that one for a while)

    4. And now we’re being promised that we’ll get Key Lime Pie?! [5.0.0?] (We’ll have to wait for Google to actually RELEASE it before we can start waiting for it I guess) I guess it could be possible that Samsung could release the S4 updates with the Key Lime Pie updates but that doesn’t seem likely. I’m betting on two separate updates because it seems the timing never works out that way.

    That be a lot of updates for the good ol’ SIII. Forgive me for being a doubting Thomas here.

    Hope it actually happens….in this phone’s lifetime….I am due for an upgrade March 7th of 2014 since I got my Verizon SIII in June of 2012. That is less than one year from now. Really, it isn’t that far out in terms of updates. What do you think the chances are that all those updates will be on my phone before I’m buying the next phone? The clock is ticking: 12 months to get 3 GIANT updates?! Hmmmmm. Seems unlikely.


    • tonkotsu

      get a nexus

    • Mighty_Red

      Not not 100% fair to Samsung – it is your carrier that is at fault for you not getting the 4.1.2 premium suite update. I’ve had this update for well over 2 months now (UK).

      It seems that the US carriers are probably the worst for rolling out updates, I guess it’s hard for you guys to put pressure on them when they are all the same!

      Don’t give up hope, Samsung have improved massively on their commitment to older handsets. It looks like the 4.2.X updates will roll out in May/June with some of the S4 software features but then how long the carriers hold this up who knows! Strangely enough, my S3 seems to get UK updates quicker than my carrier (T-Mobile UK) maybe they forgot to lock it down as it was first blue shipment!!!

      I bet the S3 will not get Key Lime Pie till after the S4

      Remember that just because Google release a new version of Android doesn’t mean it can go on handsets without proper testing. I wish Sammy would cut down on the dozen varients which would make things easier.

      If you want to stay on the bleeding edge there’s always the Nexus or rooting, as CM and all the others do a great job

      • tonkotsu

        “I guess it’s hard for you guys to put pressure on them when they are all the same!”

        What pressure? american consumers willingly take it up the bum to pay for those hefty CEO salaries.

  • Donny johnson

    Well this was pointless, of course the note 2 will get 5.0 and the one after that. It just came out in October and its the Greatest piece of electronic equipment ever released•

  • I gave up on getting updates a long time ago. I will be getting some Key Lime on my Galaxy Note, just like I’m enjoying Jelly Bean in the form of CM 10.1, version 4.2.2.