Google may have tipped their hat to Android 5.0. In a recent Twitter post announcing a fun new Google Now utility, some users noticed the time on the clock said 5:00. That’s uninteresting move, considering Google has hinted to new Android iterations via the same method in the past.

When Android 4.4, or KitKat, was released, several screenshots noting 4:40 were leaked. The same can be said of Ice Cream Sandwich (4:40). When Google feels a major release is afoot, the time usually changes. A 5:00 time doesn’t reflect any World Cup match start time, so we’re not sure what else it could mean.

With Google I/O right around the corner, the time is prime for a new Android numbering scheme. We’ll remember that 4.4 was a handshake lien sing deal between Google and Nestle for use of KitKat, though, and we don’t know when that’s supposed to end.

What do you think? Is Android 5.0 coming at I/O? What do you wan tot see from the latest Android iteration? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

Via: Twitter

  • gbenj

    For the record, a 5:00 start time does reflect a world cup start time. In fact, the first game and the one pictured on the top of that list.

    In Brazil time, the game started at 5:00 pm.

    I happen to think its referring to Android 5.0 but just for the record, that is actually the game start time.

    • HI

      Check the current Google Now Launcher screen shot on play store, it shows 4:40….Happened same when Jelly been launched…

  • johnd451

    I want my Galaxy S3 to stop randomly switching wifi on and off.

    • Timothy Kowalski

      Perfect place to post that, as it is totally relevant to Android 5.0.

  • Gattine

    Come on, check your articles for errors before you post them. Have some dignity

    • woofa

      Nah, just spew them out and take the page hits.

      It’s 4 hrs now after it hit and no edits. Nobody cares about quality anymore.

  • Eduardo

    5:00pm is the match time here in BR

  • Kasey Clark

    Ok, so 5:00 local time at somewhere in the world is a soccer game.awesome! However Google being a technology company and not a soccer team and being how the most over pushed event of the year is about to start, I can see all the confusion. I would still rather see Android 5.0 announced soon than I would read one more word about soccer. I will just hope that the article is correct and some Key Lime Goodness is headed our way.

    • Cory

      It will not be Key Lime. The K release is KitKat. The next release is L.

  • DhannaReaderaci

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  • roberto

    If they will publish or announce Android 5.0 there should be a new statue on their campus.