Android 4.4 Kit Kat and Nexus 5 details surface in another round of leaks

October 11, 2013

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Another Nexus 5 and Android 4.4 Kit Kat leak has surfaced this morning. This latest is coming from the folks at TuttoAndroid who are sharing details on both the phone and some specifics that look to be features of Kit Kat. Beginning first with Android 4.4, this latest leak takes us back into the settings and offers a bit of detail on Tap & Pay and Location mode.

The payments portion is something that we have seen before, though, in the past this seems to have been labeled as Payments. This latest leak has this item listed specifically as "Tap & pay." Regardless of the specific name though, it does look like Android 4.4 will bring built-in support for mobile payments. An additional image has this listed as allowing users to "pay with just a tap." Simply put, it seems the Nexus 5 will have NFC as a feature.


Shifting to the next feature and we have the Location mode settings. This one appears to bring a few options including the following; high accuracy, battery saving and device sensors. Further details here point towards the high accuracy option using a mix of GPS, WiFi and mobile networks for location.

Needless to say, given the use of the trio of items -- this will likely use more of your battery. The battery saving option seems to be the middle ground here and notes that it uses WiFi and mobile networks to grab your location. Lastly here, the device sensors option takes things down to just your GPS and leaves the WiFi and mobile networks out of the picture.


The Nexus 5 images are a bit blurry, however there are some details that have come along with. These point towards the phone having a rubber backing and as being "slightly more square." And interestingly enough, along with mention of the Nexus 5 name, the handset is being referred to as the Nexus 4 2013. There was also mention of the display being "very beautiful" and "very bright in general" as well as some specs to include a Snapdragon 800 processor and 2GB of RAM.

That all having been said, the leaks appear to be picking up in frequency. An official announcement date has yet to be revealed, but we are expecting that to happen sometime in the month of October.

SOURCE: TuttoAndroid (1), (2)

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  • jstew182

    What screen is that with the apps?! I dont see an app launcher for it to be the homescreen but it doesnt look like it would be the app drawer either. Though all the apps are in alphabetical order and two of them are blurred out…also the widgets tab doesnt seem to be there or the shortcut to the play store. Weird…

    • Christopher Robert

      App Drawer is transparent so the background shows through.

      • jstew182

        Right…I see that but where is the play store shortcut (is that gone?) in the upper right…and also the widget tab? (will that be a homescreen long press shortcut again?)

      • raazman

        Read the sources, that’ll clear up your confusion.

  • Christopher Robert

    I saw someone point out also that the app drawer doesn’t have the messenger app. It goes straight from “Maps” to “News and Weather”. This pretty much confirms that Hangouts will be absorbing SMS and MMS…right?

    • raazman

      That’s what it seems like.

  • Lucky

    I am ok with transparent navigation bar but i personally do not like transparent status bar… that looks cheap!