Android 4.0 update lands for Sony Tablet S

April 26, 2012

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Back in March, we mentioned that the Sony Tablet S would be getting the update to Android 4.0 ICS. Today is the day with the update now available for users to download. A video has turned up on YouTube showing the new features the tablet gets with the update. It's worth noting that it's unclear right now if the update is available to all Tablet S owners, or if it's rolling out in some sort of staggered method.

The Sony video shows some of the interesting new features the update brings. One of those updates is an enhanced lock screen that allows direct access to notifications and the ability to swipe and dismiss them. The user can also unlock directly to the camera, and the camera gets a new panoramic mode. The gallery media viewer has been enhanced with direct access to SD card files and photo editing tools.

Users can now also run "small apps," which opens some apps in a smaller window for multitasking. There are also several new home screen actions such as the ability to drag icons for apps together to create a folder and the ability to rename the folder as you see fit. The browser has been enhanced as well and there is a native screenshot function along with the ability to save web pages for off-line viewing. Check out the video to see all the new features for yourself.

[youtube 9sRl7Ki0Ecw]

  • when it come for the P?

    • Micotablets1

      Can i still update 3.2 to 4.0?

  • Ricky Mensch

    Got it here in the Northeast of the US…

    • Studio Lenci

      And how did you get it? Just click system update?

      • Dude

        Yes, thats right! But ICS is not released in EU yet.. The tablet will tell you when to update.

  • Jipster

    Don’t have it here in Europe


    • yulunliu820

      no update either

      – Manchester, UK

    • alexfreu

      European updates follow within the next two weeks.

  • Gypsy

    No sign of ICS here in Canada

  • No yet in Colombia… :'(

  • Got mine yesterday afternoon. For those that have tried, how to you access the SD card with 4.0? 

    • Alexfreu

      Did you try the Gallery or the Video Player?

  • Dmrd14

    Still no update in Canada

  • David

    not in Singapore too

  • Farrukh

    Not yet in Qatar

  • Gypsy

    The ICS tease continues in Canada.  So much for an April update.

  • Kfyount

    Not in Germany yet – I just checked and my tablet says it is up to date with release 2 of. Version 3.2. Wish there was a way to do manual updates…

  • Zy70426

    have updated mine in malaysia.. but the gyro sensor screwed up.. I can’t play my racing game

  • KK

    located in Dubai & updated mine 2 days ago. Now I cannot use my Onkyo app to control my Music. Not Happy. Great feature to “close”apps as this was one of my biggest issues. Hopefully Onkyo will make the app compatible